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What Fall 2016 students need to learn from Fall 15 results?

What Fall 2016 applicants should learn from Fall ’15 ?

Last year, I had written a post about the Fall 2014 Admission trend and mistakes that Fall 2015 students need to avoid. Many have responded to HEB post positively and even followed the tips to secure their dream admits this year, check out the Fall 2015 results. However, admission process is getting competitive each year so we decided that this year, it is better if the Gyan is given by someone from Fall 2015 batch itself so that Aspirants for Fall 2016 can learn from their tips. So here it goes, A guest post by one of the HEB followers (Shirith Mehak) to guide the aspirants of Fall 2016.


Hi guys, I am going for MS for Fall 2015. I have done everything: GRE Prep to VISA on my own. I have some tips for all you future aspirants.

Fall 2016 tips:

1. Competition is getting very high, GRE scores matter a lot. I don’t know if you know this but for Fall 2014, a score of 305-308 was enough to get into Top 100. This year, that has come to 313+. For you guys, it might be more than 315. I cannot emphasize enough here, the importance of GRE. Let me repeat, GRE is IMPORTANT. Let me repeat again, GRE is VERY VERY IMPORTANT. If you are lazy and get 5 marks less than what you are capable of, then you might end up in a University which is 50 ranks below what you deserve. So, GRE is VERY VERY IMPORTANT. Please Please start studying as soon as possible. You can do nothing about your GPA, you can do EVERYTHING about GRE now. You will regret for your life if you have to end up with consultancy job because of studying in a not so good University. So, GRE is like life-matter to you now.

2. If you have even the least bit of common sense and a bare minimum level of knowledge of internet, you can do everything on your own, you don’t have to depend on consultancies.

3. Even if you do go through a consultancy, just don’t be completely ignorant. Just check about the Universities reviews and rankings online. Most consultancies have link ups with Universities and they try to barge you into them so that they can get a commission.

4. You can start on your SOP from the time you start learning GRE Vocabulary itself. Whenever you learn the meaning of a new word, try to use it in a sentence which can go into your SOP and write it down. Later, you can combine and compile all such sentences and you can get a killer SOP, on your own.

5. While applying to Universities, just don’t send the GRE, TOEFL scores immediately after applying. Just confirm that the University compulsorily needs OFFICIAL GRE, TOEFL scores for reviewing the application. Many good and top Universities just require unofficial scores (Screenshots/scan copies) of your GRE and TOEFL. They will ask you to send the scores only if you get an admit. If you send without the requirement, you will waste 27$ +18$( 2700 INR). Beware here, consultancies loot money from you saying that they need to send scores, but they don’t send any.

6. If a person applies to 8 Universities and gets admits from 6 or 7 of them, then he is a big fool. This means that he has applied to Universities which are way below his profile. So, push your limits and apply to more ambitious Universities. And beware, don’t apply to all ambitious Universities, you will be a bigger fool if you didn’t get even 1 admit.

7. It has rained rejects this year. A lot(almost everyone) got rejects from even “safe” Universities. So, please apply to 1 safe and 1 Mega-safe University. My suggestion: Apply to 5-6 Ambitious, 3-4 moderate, 1 Safe, 1 Mega Safe.

8. Please always refer to Fall 2015 results before applying. Just check what type of profiles got into which University and just use your common sense to know if a University is safe/moderate/ambitious for you.

9. First decide how much can you spend and then apply to Universities accordingly. I have seen a lot of people who were not willing to spend much and later complained that the Universities, in which they got admits are very costly. If a University is costly for you and you will never consider it, why are you even applying to it?

10. Know about the University to which you are applying before applying itself. Do NOT ask everyone if the University is good or not, Part times available or not, jobs available or not AFTER getting the admit. Only idiots don’t know where they are going. If a person don’t even know about the University to which he is applying, then that one is not yet completely ready for a Masters degree in USA.

“In this age of information and in this era of Internet, ignorance is just a choice.”


Thus, Fall 2016 students should take inspiration from this and not make the same mistakes as their seniors made while applying for Fall 2015.

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3 thoughts on “What Fall 2016 students need to learn from Fall 15 results?

  1. hello all,

    @seniors, i Have finished btech in the year 2010 with 66% from JNTU, Hyd and have work-ex in non-engg related field (Income tax dept, GOI) and have been working since 4 years. Off late im frustrated with my job and want to pursue MS. . will that have any impact in my admission to the universities.. or in the VISA process. Most of my friends have the similar doubts.
    Please throw some light on this issue.

  2. Hi,

    I am interested in doing Masters in MIS from US.
    Below is my profile
    GRE 305
    IELTS 6.5
    Work Experience 3 Years 1 Month(Currently Working)

    Can you let me know the Universities for which my Profile is applicable

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