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University Review: University of Texas at Arlington (UTA / UT Arlington)

University of Texas at Arlington


The University of Texas at Arlington is one of the top tier public research universities in the state of Texas. Often overshadowed by the other top universities in the region, UT Arlington has traditionally kept good pace with the likes of Uni of Houston, TAMU, UT Austin and UTD and continues to enjoy large enrollments at both undergraduate and graduate level. The popular departments for graduate students at UT Arlington are EE, CS and Aerospace. UT Arlington’s Aerospace program is really good.


Located in the larger Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, the City of Arlington provides plenty of opportunities to the students of UT Arlington to network with other professionals for their internships and full time opportunities. The city of Arlington enjoys pleasant weather like other cities in Texas. Due to its close proximity to Dallas, UT Arlington students have the opportunity to take part in various events that take place in the area.

Infrastructure and Other Facilities:

UT Arlington

With over 26000 undergraduate and over 2500 graduate students each year on an average, the enrollment of UT Arlington is pretty big. The campus setting is urban and stands at just above 400 acres in size. There are various research departments at the campus and students can enjoy all the infrastructure facilities present like a top tier university.


The summers of Arlington like the rest of the state can get a bit hot. The July to October period is typically very warm to hot while the best times are the spring and autumn. Indians in Arlington can find the winters a bit cold and there’s occasional snow. All in all, it is manageable and weather is good.


UT Arlington has a good Faculty to Student ration and it is also reflected well in their PhD enrollments. Students can easily seek the faculty help and most of the faculty are well qualified and helpful. Due to the ongoing research, most of the faculty are busy doing their own thing but they can be approached and are willing to help.

Tuition Fees and Aid Scene:

One of the main advantages of UT Arlington is the low tuition fees for students. Unlike other graduate schools, UT Arlington’s out of state tuition hovers around 16k per year and is pretty manageable. Funding is tight for the Masters students like the rest of the colleges in US, but one can try and land RA/TA from the second semester.

Notable Academic Programs:

  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Electrical
  • Biomedical

Profile Recommendations:

An average or below average profile should definitely get into UT Arlington. A GRE score above 295 with CGPA above 6.5 stand good chance of an admit.

Campus Life:

UT Arlington has something to offer to everyone. There are libraries, recreational centers as well as bars and pubs that suit the needs of all kinds of students. Many study centers also help student focus on their studies. Over 300 student organizations take care that interests of every student are met with. The Mavericks Activity Center is equipped with everything to make sure the life of students are not dull and boring.

.Housing and Living Expenses:

Cheap and affordable housing has never been a problem for the graduate students at UT Arlington. There are plenty of options to be considered both oncampus and offcampus. The off-campus apartments are a bit more luxurious and offer better comforts. Students can manage to cover their living expenses under 400$ per month on a sharing basis.



UT Arlington can be an excellent choice for a safe bet for above average profile, as well as can be a destination for an average profile. The process to graduate is not a cakewalk though and you will need to work hard in your grad school to get success but plenty of opportunities await at UT Arlington.

Contact Details:

Website: www.uta.edu
Address: 701 S Nedderman Dr, Arlington, TX 76019, United States


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