Top 20 US Universities for Electronics

The students of electronics engineering are capable to create equipment, devices, various systems and components that work on electricity. This field of engineering has many different educational options at the graduate level, including minors or specializations in various areas. The list of the US Universities that offer all these programs is as below:

Rank US University GRE score range Approx. Fees per year Approx. TOEFL Score
1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology >333 $42,000 112
2. Stanford University >333 $44,000 110
2. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign >333 $30,000 109
4. University of California, Berkeley >333 $11,500 113
5. Georgia Institute of Technology >325 $27,000 109
6. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor >333 $42,000 111
7. California Institute of Technology >333 $38,000 112
8. Cornell University >333 $29,500 110
9. Carnegie Mellon University >333 $40,000 110
10. Purdue University, West Lafayette >325 $29,200 107
11. The University of Texas at Austin >325 $17,500 113
12. Princeton University >325 $38,650 109
13. University of Wisconsin–Madison >333 $25,175 110
14. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University >325 $21,000 110
15. Texas AM University >325 $20,000 109
15. University of California, Los Angeles >333 $27,670 113
17. University of California, San Diego >333 $26,325 107
17. University of Maryland, College Park >333 $23,760 109
19. Duke University >325 $42,350 109
20. Rice University >325 $36,610 108

What else to be noted?

Above is the list of all the top US Universities offering courses in electronics department. Only GRE and TOEFL will not help you to secure admission in any of the US Universities. Along with the required GRE/TOEFL score you need to maintain your academic score as well. Also, publishing a research paper may enrich your profile and help you to secure admission in one of the desired US Universities.

Students whose GRE or TOEFL score is below the range of the scores mentioned in the above list need not worry. Though inferior to the above, there are other good US Universities too. I will try to provide you with the list of all those universities in my upcoming posts. Till then, keep visiting us and know more and more about higher education.


4 thoughts on “Top 20 US Universities for Electronics

  1. Plzz provide the details of clgs which have score between 295 and 305 as well….it will be helpfull for me plzzzz……..

  2. How do you define the GRE score range? When you say that your GRE score is less than that given in the table above, you stand no chance of getting into that university? Or, are you suggesting that the scores mentioned above are average scores of all students in that branch of the university.

  3. i got
    gre – 330
    toefl – 110
    i have worked on many projects and my ug cgpa is 3.6/4
    do i have a fair chance to get into display
    pls give a genuine reply.

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