University Spotlight : University of Arizona , Tucson

University Of arizona

Introduction :

A Public research university, University of Arizona at Tucson is one of the top institutes in the country for Engineering and sciences. It is a hot favorite university for the MIS aspirants. The University has high reputation when it comes to Graduate education and ranks consistently among TOP 60 univerisities overall for pursuing MS in US. It has an enrollment of over 800 full time graduate students each year.

Location :

The University of Arizona is located at a small city called Tucson in the southern state of Arizona. The city of Phoenix is the nearest major city to the university. The culture of the place is friendly and the students are pretty satisfied with the location and resources at the university. Also the fact that Arizona is in near proximity to states like California makes it easier to land a job after graduation.

Infrastructure and Residing options :

The facilities at University of Arizona are definitely on the upper half of the table when it comes to comparing with the other state universities in US. The campus has a few libraries with over 600,000 volumes. The university is also well equipped with laboratories and has decent research facilities.

This is one of the few universities in US where students prefer to live on-campus rather than off-campus because of the paucity of off campus residing options. The student expenses can vary from 350$ to over 900$ per month depending on the lifestyle.

Weather :

Arizona has one of the harshest summer climate in the country. But being from India, it is not something completely new, still be prepared for the mercury to rise above 40 in summer.

Faculty :

The University of Arizona is known for its wealth of faculties enriched with vast experience and good behavior with students and are known to be very helpful. The management school faculty is known to be one of the best in the country.

Tuition fee and Aid scene :

The university of Arizona charges tuition of approx 26k per year. The fees are even higher for MIS as its program falls under the dept of management studies. This makes it a moderately chosen university for pursuing MS in US as it also requires high academics from the aspirants. Nevertheless, it still is one of the top universities in US.

The Aid scene here at University of Arizona is better than most of the other US universities as with a decent profile you can land a small scholarship with admit and if not, then one can definitely try for a RA or TA after the first semester. For more information on tuition and financial aid visit this link.

Profile recommendations :

The University of Arizona can be pursued if you have always secured at least first class in all your academics and have keen interest in research.

Rankings for University of Arizona :

Industrial Engineering : 28

MIS: Top 20

Computer engineering : 37

Chemical engineering: 57

Electrical / Electronics : 37

Computer Science : 47

Pharmacy : 10


Eventual Placements:

It shouldn’t be difficult to get placed in a decent paying job once graduating from the University of Arizona. Besides, the near proximity to states like California and Texas makes its easier to find job. The career services cell  n the university actively strives to arrange campus job fairs in the university.

Verdict :

If you have a good profile and are willing to work a little hard, the University of Arizona can open a lot of doors for you. Arizona is also known for its parties and the campus is a very good one overall.

Sample profiles of UofA admits :

*these are just average sample scores

CS : quant – 165 verbal – 145

Electronics : quant – 162 verbal- 148

Industrial : quant- 169 verbal – 154

Aerospace : quant- 163 verbal-149

MIS : quant-160 verbal – 154

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