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University Review and CS First hand Experience – Courses at NYU Poly

The Polytechnic campus of NYU has been doing greatly and with its recent merger with the Main NYU, things are only looking better ahead for this upcoming campus on the east coast.

NYU poly has always been looking to train professionals for tomorrow and recently it has taken many steps to ensure that it meets the reputation of its name the legacy of the great NYU. Sometimes, we have also heard that the CS classes at the poly campus are tougher than their Courant counterparts. Nevertheless, both schools have been doing great and the east coast is soon catching up with the likes of Silicon Valley, Austin-Dallas region and the North Carolina Triangular region.

So when I wrote a post last week about the Importance of Registering courses, one of our regular followers of the blog since its inception messaged me and we had a brief chat about his first-hand experience at NYU poly. Here are some points that he would like to share with the rest of the folks. Brace yourselves, Poly aspirants, here comes some solid gyan:

The subjects in your first and second semester at NYU Poly should be the subjects that help you to grab an internship and along with that you must try to complete 4 -5 core subjects. You must be wondering how a subject could help you to get one. I will explain how:

There are some subjects offered at poly that have projects in their curriculum and projects are the best way to showcase your skills. For example, In Principles of Database systems you have to develop a web based applications with actual real life scenarios and this project can really add an edge to your resume. The other  core subjects that has project in its curriculum are Applied Cryptography (A project to decrypt a data that has high level of encryption. This is gonna be really hard, Indeed!), Operating System (A project that will give you deep understanding about how actually the file system works or they will offer a project to actually develop your own basic level file system). Knowing all these, all those who are very enthusiastic about there career will think of taking all these three courses in 1st semester. But, believe me it will be suicidal. Along with the projects, you need a decent GPA (> 3.33) and a good knowledge about programming and algorithms. Some of these subjects are:

Programming Languages – You will be learning different types as in functional, procedural, structured, object oriented etc. and a basic knowledge about some PL’s in all these types. But, my personal advice is that please see the professor and their methods as much as the content of the course. You don’t want to end up with NIGHTMARE!

Designs and Analysis of Algorithms – Take it under Boris Aronov and you will master this area I bet.

Computer Networks – You will learn socket programming in python and networking concepts.

My suggestion:

1st Semester

Principles of Databases

Computer Networks

Fundamentals of Computer Science (If you are really weak at discrete math as it will help you in Algorithms class. This will be a headache as there are tons of assignments.) / Programming Languages / Software Engineering (for GPA focused people)

2nd Semester

Designs and Analysis of Algorithms

Operating Systems

Network Security / Application Security (For those interested in Security)  / Mobile Application Development (Android or IOS, If you want one more project and if you think that you will be able to cop up with the DAA and Mobile app classes in the midst of hard core application process for internship) / Software Engineering (If your GPA after 1stSem is really low and you didn’t take it in f1st sem)

3rd Semester:

It is time to explore the elective subjects and complete your core area if you are left with one.

Big Data / Cloud Computing (Don’t even dare to take them together) / Web Search engines

Applied Cryptography (If you are left to complete Theory core. That would be if you didn’t take Fundamentals of Computer Science)

3rd course here should be any easy subject as the other two requires lot of dedication and time.

4th Semester

Big Data/ Cloud Computing / Web Search Engines/ If you had an internship you will be left with completing 1.5 credits only and you can take any management course worth 1.5 credit and play safe.

PS : These are just suggestions based on my personal experience. And any semester is not going to be a chilled out one and I guess none of you will be expecting that from a Master Degree course and that too in a highly reputed University


One thought on “University Review and CS First hand Experience – Courses at NYU Poly

  1. Currently I am working for a dream company in Mumbai as database developer. Currently I am handling very heavy and big databases and tasks related with data mining. I am planning to join NYU poly for ms in cs.

    Can u plz guide me choosing core and selective cources semesterwise.

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