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UC Boulder: University Review & Answers to FAQs

UC Boulder


UC Boulder is one of the oldest public research university in United States of America. It was established in 1876. ITP (Telecom Program) is one of the oldest and very well known in Industry and extremely popular among Asians and especially Indians.


UC Boulder is an amazing place to stay. Every point in Boulder at any time is worth taking a picture. Lot of amazing places around like Hanging Lake, Astes park, Maroon Bells.

Night life is awesome. Pearl street being the hub. It was actually voted as 3rd best party school in US before couple of years. Weed being legal, makes it fun place to be at.

Infrastructure and Other Facilities:

Facilities like Rec center, free bus pass, various student clubs and loads of events happening on campus. Great place to be at. Campus life is really good. Lots of events happening everyday. Student govt is really active. Lots of activities and events there to be part of. Loads of outdoor sports and activities at UC Boulder.


Weather here at UC Boulder is unpredictable. Would be snowing in morning and noon would be bright and sunny. It has 300 days of sunshine. Regarding cold it goes down to -20 during winters but is tolerable and not at all as harsh as Eastern coast. Its beautiful to be at Boulder.


Faculties are too good at UC Boulder. For all depts. Very helpful, knowledgeable and approachable.

Internships & Job Opportunities:

Internships scene is really good over here as UC Boulder is one of the top universities in US. Especially if u r in ITP. Average pay is somewhere around $25/hour, depending on branch and company. Certain branches like Aerospace or Mechanical have comparatively less options for internship compared to ITP or EE.

For ITP average pay is somewhere around 70k. Major recruiters being Amazon, Arista, Juniper, Google, Comcast, CableLabs, Virtela, Glabal cloud Xchange..

Tuition Fees and Aid Scene:

Tuition fees would come to around $17000 per semester including everything, if you are taking 9 or more credits.

On campus jobs are really good. Almost everyone gets it and you can cover almost entire expense if you work for 15-20 hours a week.

Notable Academic Programs:

UC Boulder is very well known for Aerospace. Its 9th best in the country. Kalpana Chawla was alumni of UC Boulder. ITP equally good. ITP is like one of the best Telecom courses in the country. We people here have nicknamed it as ‘Job Machine’ owing to its industrial reputation. Its courses like Telecom Lab are brilliant and considered to be best lab in US.

Profile Recommendations:

It again depends upon course. For ITP yes it is relatively easy to get in. For other branches like CS and EE its not that easy. Aerospace too is very competitive.

Housing and Living Expenses:

Most of students at UC Boulder stay here on campus as it is relatively cheaper for the facilities provided. Maximum Indians stay On campus inAthens North, Newton Court are hot favorites. Othere people stay Off campus as well. Glenwood, Wimbledon, Timber Ridge are good options.

Living expenses comes to around $650 for an average spender. About 300-350 will be rent and utilities and rest would be your expenses. For me it comes lot more though.


UC Boulder is very highly ranked. Its part of top 30 public ivy. Very well reputed globally.


Its one of the best universities in the country so definitely worth going if you are ready to shell out some money from your pockets. Jobs are really good to as Boulder-Denver area is industrial zone. Its hub for Telecom industries.

Only con would be that it is really expensive. Like extremely expensive. You would end up spending about 65-70k in tuition.

Contact Details:

 Address: Boulder, CO, United States
Phone No: 303-492-1411

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