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Top Universities for MS in MIS in USA

Top Universities for MS in MIS in USA

Before we list the Top Universities for MS in MIS in USA, let us discuss something about MIS. Many people nowadays who have significant amount of work experience prefers MS in MIS and similar programs where they can learn Management courses along with the technical as compared to general CS where it is only technical.  Many think that MIS means no coding which is completely wrong. You will have significant amount of coding during your MS in MIS as well. MIS programs is combination of Technical + Management courses. For example the courses will include: Data Extraction & Analysis, Foundation of Information Systems, Managing IT Systems etc. MIS graduates create IT & Business Systems which are useful in organizing and management of the organization.

There are some popular areas / specializations in Management Information Systems(MIS) and they are:

  • Business Intelligent Systems
  • Data and Text Mining
  • ERP
  • Business Analytics

Following table lists the Top Universities for MS in MIS in USA:

This list is for MS in MIS and similar programs like MS IS, MS MOT, MS TM etc.

Top Universities for MS in MIS in USA:

Sr. No University Program
 1  Carnegie Mellon University (Heinz) MISM
 2  Indiana University – Bloomington (Kelley) MS IS
 3  University of California, Berkeley (iSchool) MIMS
 4  University of Washington, Seattle (iSchool/Foster)  MS IM/MS IS
 5  University of Arizona (Eller)  MS MIS
 6  Texas A&M University, College Station (Mays)  MS MIS
 7  New York University (Stern)  MS IS
 8  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  MS IT/MS BA
 9  Syracuse University (iSchool)  MS IM
 10  SUNY Buffalo (School of Mgmt.)  MS MIS
 11  University of Maryland, College Park (B School / iSchool)  MS IS/MIM
 12  University of Cincinnati, Ohio (B-School)  MS IS
 13  University of Illinois, Chicago  MS MIS
 14  University of Michigan, Ann Arbon (iSchool)  MSI
 15  Worcester Polytechnic Institute  MS IT
 16  Bentley University  MS IT
 17  University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign  MS TM
 18  George Washington University  MS IST
 19  Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey  MS IT
 20  Iowa State University  MS IS
 21  Purdue University  MS CIT
 22  University of Connecticut  MS BAPM
 23  Illinois Institute of Technology  MS ITM
 24  Okhlama State University  MS MIS
 25  Polytechnic School of Engineering – NYU  MS MOT
 26  Santa Clara University  MS IS
 27  Georgia State University  MS CIS
 28  University of Florida  MS ISOM
 29  Northeastern University, Boston  MS IS
 30  University of Texas, Dallas  MS ITM
 31  Stevens Institute of Technology  MS IS.
 32  University of South Florida  MS MIS
 33  Rochester Institute of Technology  MS IST
34  University of North Carolina, Charlotte  MS IT
 35  George Mason University  MS IS
 36  University of Utah  MS IS
 37  University of Arkansas  MS IS
 38  Claremont Graduate University  MS IST
 39  University of Nebraska MS MIS
 40  University of Texas at Arlington  MS IS
 41  Texas Tech University  MS MIS
 42  University of Texas at Austin  MS BA
 43  Arizona State University  MS BA
 44   University of Pittsburgh  MS IS
 45  University of Pennsylvania  MS CIS
 46  New Jersey Institute of Technology  MS IS
 47  San Diego State University  MS IS
 48  Boston University  MS CIS
 49  University of Houston, Clear Lake  MS MIS
 50  Northern Illinois University  MS MIS
 51  University of Maryland, Baltimore County  MS IS
 52  University of Delaware  MS IS
 53  Temple University  MS IST
 54   Utah State University  MS MIS
 55  Illinois State University  MS IS
 56  University of Colorado, Denver  MS IS
 57  University of Illinois – Springfield  MS MIS
 58  Cornell University  MPS IS
 59  Florida International University  MS MIS
 60  Brigham Young University  MISM
 61  University of Alabama, Huntsville  MS IS

Please note that this list of Top Universities for MS in MIS in USA is not exhaustive and by no means complete. Also this list of Top Universities for MS in MIS in USA is not according to rankings. This is just for your reference. Shortlist your final universities based on your profile, course offerings, cost, eventual placements, location, rankings, cost of living etc.

The admission from Top Universities for MS in MIS in USA may vary as per your overall profile as the admission committee not only considers GRE/GMAT and TOEFL scores but also considers your Statement of PurposeLetter Of Recommendations, Extra curricular activities, Relevant work Experience/Internships, projects, etc. Do note that most of the MIS universities needs a score of 100+ minimum on TOEFL.

Did we miss any Top Universities for MS in MIS in USA ? Comment here and we will add to that university to this list of Top Universities for MS in MIS in USA.

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34 thoughts on “Top Universities for MS in MIS in USA

  1. Hi

    This is a fantastic list!! and very helpful.
    Can you also share a similar list for Data Science and Business Analytics master courses?


    1. Hi Srinivas, Currently it is not possible to rank business analytics programmes as they are in growing phase, some of the popular programs that I recommend (provided, you are qualified enough) are NSCU, NYU DS, UC Berkeley, Stanford, UT Auston, Univ of Washington DS, stevens DS and UCinn.

  2. I’m looking for admission for pursuing MS in MIS in USA. Please let me know the good universities with fee. My budget is INR 40 Lac.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. TAMU’s MIS program is good, Mays Business school has improved a lot over the years. However, you may not get the desired courses, so better check with seniors before enrolling :)

  3. Hi,

    My Profile : GRE -324, TOEFL – 110, GPA – 8.65/10, 1 year 3 months work experience( will be nearly 2 years by the time of joining Masters)

    I am having a little confusion while applying for Masters in MIS. University of Maryland College Park and University of Washington offer 2 different MIS courses, one from the Information Department and the other from the Business school. I would like to know which of the 2 courses are better in each of these universities.

    Also, does missing out on the priority deadline severely affect your chances of getting an admit ? I will not be able to apply for TAMU MIS course before the first deadline. Is it even worth trying to apply before the final deadline ?

    1. Priority deadlines are important, especially for international students, but you can still apply till final deadline. There is no one best program, you need to compare the courses offered, the Faculty and the network of alumni while making the decision.

  4. Hi,

    I scored 303 in GRE. Still pending with TOEFL. I am looking for MS in MIS with specialization in data science. i have a 2+ experience in Testing (Banking domain). Actually i am from a E&TC background, so wanted to know whether this will play as a disadvantage to me or not.? If not then which universities should i target based on my score. I heard about USC, Virginia tech that their course structure is good. But what are the chances for me to get the admit from them.?

    1. Honestly, Your experience will only count domain wise, technology wise it’s a bit irrelevant. Nevertheless, with a good overall application you do stand a good chance! All the best :)

  5. Isn’t uconns MSBAPM stand for ms in business analytics and project management ? Why is it even listed here plusthe univ i assume offers other MIS course

  6. Hello, I got 298 in GRE, 84 in TOEFL, UG – 70% in CS , MBA- 74% from reputed university.
    Co-Founded a Internet marketing startup since college (2 years), 10months IT experience, Many extra curricular and volunteer-ships from NGO’s, Does these all help me in getting any of the above mentioned good universities for MIS.
    Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance :)


  7. Hello Admin, Great Article!
    For MIS, please suggest me some good colleges (Rank Wise). My GRE: 309 (V:148, Q:161) and TOEFL: 97.
    And I dont see Florida State University, Talhasee in your List. Would you recommend this? I am primarily looking for colleges near florida.


  8. ******hi please help me out.
    My gre score is 297 and my toefl is 92(17-R 23-L 24-S 28-w)
    i have no experince and my gpa goes to 3.2 and m from electronics engg.
    however i am working on two papers one for data mining and other for algorithmic trading.
    can u please tell me what universities i should apply.. please please help me

  9. Hi,

    I scored 292 in GRE, 6 in IELTS, acads-73%(Not interested in retaking the exams).
    I am looking for MS in MIS. I have 2yrs of experience as a .net developer. Can i know the list of universities pls…

  10. GRE 301/ TOEFL 86/ 57% in BE(EXTC) from Mumbai University/ 2.5 yrs of work exp.
    Is Stevens a safe option. What are the other safe options for this profile

  11. Hi,

    My sister is considering MSBA.
    She has an admit from ASU and SMU.
    The course structure at both is to her liking, and the fees is also coming up to the same amount.
    Can you suggest which one is better in terms of job prospects and what is the average package offered?

    Profile – Top 1% in UG computer engineering from Mumbai university.
    GRE – 315
    Toefl – 112
    UG – 78%
    2.5 years experience in IT
    Strong SOP, LOR, Extra curriculars, Social activities.

  12. hi,
    California state uni- fullerton or utd for mis which one would u suggest..?
    my main concern is geting a job n internship.

    1. Bay Area has plenty of Jobs, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get a job offer if you study in Texas. I would recommend UTD if you’re going for MIS

  13. Hi, will these universities have information about STEM accreditation for the respective IS program?

  14. Hey wonderful job out there.
    can you just help me out too
    Here’s my profile please tell me which colleges should I apply for

  15. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing the University list.
    GRE Score 304 (V: 148, Q:156), TOEFL yet to give.
    I have BE Electronics Degree with 68% agg + 3 years of Production Application Support experience in Banking Domain (Trading desk support) and exposure to industry standard trading application like Bloomberg, Tradeweb. Tech skill : SQL server, Oracle SQL 11g.
    Please could you advise which Skills can i highlight in my SOP, Resume for better chances of getting an admit ?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi, If you are opting for MIS/MSIS, firstly check the program specializations of each university that you’re applying to. Some of the programs will be heavy on consulting while some would lay more emphasis on technical side. Depending on the program, you should tailor your SOP/resume to fit the same.

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