Top Books for Gre Preparation in 2014 – GRE prep, word list, GRE quant , GRE verbal

If you are preparing for GRE, it is essential to have a good approach plan. The 2013 time table by Chirag was a big hit, helping hundreds of HigherEduBlog followers achieve their dream GRE scores.

While some of those books are ever-green and sure to help you for a great GRE score, I thought I would make a small blog post for newbie aspirants from fall 2015 group to prepare from the must-have GRE books of 2014!

Note: you can still prepare from the books on chirag’s post as those are awesome. Here are some latest editions :

1. Cracking the GRE 2014 edition by Princeton Review-  The perfect book for a thorough preparation for GRE in 2014. This book has it all and can be used standalone or with supplements for GRE prep materials. The book also comes with GRE practice tests and GRE exam guide which will help you prepare for the day of the exam. The full length GRE practice tests on the book are of good quality and you can expect +- 7 with thorough preparation from this book.

2. Nova GRE 2014 prep course (Indian edition) –  Nova GRE books are known for their tricky problems and concept building that help the candidates get that extra mile and score great in GRE. Nova GRE prep 2014 edition looks to be one of those supplementary books which you should use after thorough preparation from ETS official, princeton or Manhattan series(mentioned above in chirag’s post).

GRE practice tests
  • Kaplan premiere test series –   Though this series is not completely exhaustive, you shouldn’t ignore it as it is a good starting point. The more tests you give, the more varied question types you get and Kaplan is definitely among the top test series if not the best.

Apart from these, the books like ETS official guide, word lists and rigourous training books mentioned in the other post are still useful for GRE pre2014 and you should prepare from them to get a decent score.


SO, buckle up, get yourself the books and start your GRE preparation! May the force be with you.


Done with GRE? Got a decent score? Have your own plan? share your experiences good or bad and help the HEB community in their GRE preparation.


8 thoughts on “Top Books for Gre Preparation in 2014 – GRE prep, word list, GRE quant , GRE verbal

  1. Heyy great…. I am currently following the ‘big hit’ timetable as you may say. It’s been really helpful uptil now. Thanks for the great post!

    1. My friend, If you are fresh to the GRE PREP thing, then first I would suggest you to build up your vocabulary. Word Power made easy is a good start!!

      1. Sir I am confused again. I reading (this post). It says not to give more than 1.5 or so months to GRE prep but I am planning for 3 months max prep. How do you see this?

        1. The duration of the preparation period depends on the individual and their method of preparation. Basically what Adit is trying to say is that if you are confident of scoring 320+ by 40 days of preparation then there is no benefit to try for 325 and fail miserably at other aspects of your application due to lack of time. I hope you get your point.

          p.s : I followed chirag’s timetable and finished my preparations in 40 days.

          1. Aahhh… I get your point. Adit is right there’s no point try beyond certain limit. chirag’s timetable is really helping sir. Thank you.

  2. Sir, I am very confused about the vocab part in GRE . There are soo many material to prepare from Barron, Manhattan..I cannot decide which to follow given a short time I have. Can you shed some light on this ?

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