TOEFL: How to score 100+ on TOEFL with Speaking and Writing Templates

TOEFL: How to Score 100+

1st attempt : 91 (R:23 L:25 S:19 W:24) Prometric Ahmedabad
2nd attempt : 105 (R:28 L:23 S:24 W:30) MIT Pune STN11383H

1st attempt wasn’t that great as I studied for a day. I couldn’t study because of my placements as TCS came during that time. (Yeah TCS was a back up plan if I didn’t get my dream admit) Plus I was suffering through fever and had cough as well so couldn’t speak much and hence the low score in speaking.

I prepared for a week this time. Took 3 days sick leave Very Happy

MIT Pune is a nice TOEFL center. Initially there were some noises as I started the exam and there were still about 20 candidates remaining to do the initial formalities but after that it was decent. Didn’t really feel anything during speaking. The test went quite smooth. There are total 3 labs in which they conduct TOEFL. So if you book, go for STN11383H as H lab is really good.

Materials used:

ETS TOEFL Official Book
ETS TOEFL Quick Prep 4 books
Notefull TOEFL materials
ETS TOEFL 3 set of Test on CDs


TOEFL reading is really easy. Just follow the notefull’s strategy and you will be able to score 25+ easily. For the 1st minute read passage name and 1st line of all the paras and take brief note and start reading the questions from the 2nd minute. For reading, I used ETS Book’s 6 practice sets, Quick prep reading sets and Kaplan CD. Kaplan is really hard and should be done for extra practice only. If you need more practice, go with Barron’s CD.

Avg score was 27-28 on all the practice sets.


I literally slept for 5 minutes or so because the lecture were really boring d'oh! and due to this I missed many questions Very Happy

Still 23 is a decent score. For listening, I would suggest that note down everything you hear. Take notes that’s it. They are pretty easy. IMO they just test our note taking skills instead of listening skills.

Avg score was 28-29 on all the practice sets. I could have scored 110+ had I scored better in listening but the lectures were really boring Sad


Speaking is not that hard. If you practice well, you ll be able to ace it. I practiced about 5-6 questions for each Question format.

For Q1 & Q2, DO NOT follow notefull’s strategy. It will be really hard to replicate the same during our test. For the rest Q3-Q6, you can follow notefull’s template.

Template for Q1:

Choose a topic
Describe the topic
Reason 1

That’s it. 2 examples are not needed as suggested by notefull. I haven’t really given a template as notefull as I want you to just keep the above 4 things in your mind and speak whatever way you like. Be spontaneous. No need to mug up the template. Be yourself and speak in whatever way you like. That should do.

Template for Q2:

Choose one side
Reason 1: Describe/Example
Reason 2: Describe/Example

Yeah that’s it. Again speak in whatever way you like. No template will help you. Better be spontaneous. Just speak as if you are giving answer to your friend or faculty Smile

For Q3-Q6, notefull should be good.


I practiced a lot for writing. Here’s the template. Both the template are a mixture of notefull and other materials from internet and youtube channels.

Writing Q1:

The article discusses a fascinating topic pertaining to _________ and provides three reasons of support. However, the professor explains that __________ and opposes each of the author’s reasons.

First, the reading passage discusses that ________. In contrast, the professor provides information that _________. He states that _________. Clearly a disparity exists between the article and the evidence exhibited by the professor. As a result, we can safely assume that ________.

Second, the article pushes forth the idea that _________. However, the classroom discussion contends that by __________. According to professor, _________. Consequently, we can argue that indeed the claim made in reading is unsubstantiated and ___________.

Finally, the reading posits that __________. The professor refutes this point by explaining that … We also learn that…

In summary, while both the RC passage and classroom discussion provide interesting information with regards to _______, a significant amount of evidence supports that _________. Therefore, the RC passage fails to justify the claims towards ______________.

Try to write 400 words in the 1st question. With this template, it is possible. I wrote about 410+ words.

Writing Q2:

[General Question statement praise]. Certainly, some people if asked would agree with the statement _________ while others would mention that the question depends on a great deal of factors; for example, somebody _____ compared to ___________. As far as I’m concerned, I adopt a firm position that ____ particularly if [condition] ___________.

First of all, it’s important to consider ______________. Certainly, [concession statement]_______. However, in most cases _________. To illustrate that idea let’s consider the following example. I remember _____________. This in turn _________. Similarly, I can recollect _____________. As you can see, [Conclusion of your idea]

Equally important is _________. Of course, for some people in some situations, [concession statement] ___________. However, it would be fair to say that (for most people) it will be ___________. Take a case of ___, a friend of mine whom I’ve known for 10 years. He ______. This experience taught him that ________. [Explain your position]. [Conclusion]

Finally, __________________. I’ll be first to admit that [concession statement] __________________. Despite this possibility, ____________. By way of example, I can recall _________. I think that this is the case for many other people as well. In fact, I believe ___________ [Conclusion].

By way of conclusion, based on the arguments explored above, I’m of the opinion that in most cases ___. Not only will ___________ but also ______________. That’s why everyone should _______ [Final conclusion]

Try to reach 500 words in the second question. I wrote 485 words for the second and I didn’t really follow the 5 para essay as I was out of time and my 1st para itself looked like 2 long paras so I wrote 4 paras only. You can however follow the 5 para essay if you have enough time else 4 para will do good.

With this template, I scored 30/30 on writing.

Credits: Internet,’s TOEFL course and youtube’s “englishraven” TOEFL channel

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14 thoughts on “TOEFL: How to score 100+ on TOEFL with Speaking and Writing Templates

  1. I can’t to fill the blank space of writing question 2 , can you please let me to know it better.

      1. Sir!I have my exam on 25th of this month.Could you help me out by explaining what should go into the blanks of the template of Independent writing?Thankyou!

        1. Depending on the topic, highlight the points that come to your mind that fit well with the format. You can follow the format loosely.

  2. Hey there! Do u really advise to use those Q1 n Q2 templates? Will not be counted as plagiarism if i followed them in the real test?

  3. Thanks a lot. I managed to score 28 in writing and 27 in speaking. I referred to your templates with few minor changes.
    Very helpful. Many thanks!

  4. Hi there! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    I’d like to ask you for a favor. It would be great if you provide some real examples to your Questions and Writings templates.

    For example: take some real Q1 and Q2 and than provide some simple answer based on your templates.
    Same thing with the writing.

    I understand that it can take some efforts, and maybe you don’t wanna waste your time on this, but honestly it could help a lot of people with their TOEFL preparation.

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Thanks for sharing. I used the writing templates with few changes and amazily my highest score was in writing 27 considering I dint study for the entire exams. Overall score is good enough for my school requirements

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