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2 months GRE Study Schedule

GRE Study Schedule


Yesterday, got a query from Pratik Thacker (one of our readers) on how to prepare for GRE in 2 months (He’s taking GRE on 23rd october) and needs a specific GRE Study Schedule. I have considered that you work 6-7 hours/day. So Pratik, here it goes.!

GRE Study Schedule

Essential Materials:

Magoosh’s GRE Flashcards : Learning made easy


For many students the biggest obstacle to overcome GRE Verbal lies squarely with its vocabulary. Compared to the Quant section, which many can grasp through intuition and a few formulas, the Verbal has those same brave souls running for cover. Enter Magoosh’s brand new online GRE flashcards. With so much at stake in grad school testing world, Magoosh has sought to level the playing field in the Verbal realm by offering their GRE flashcards available for free. That’s 1000 words that range from the absolutely-must-know to the nail-bitingly-tough, all absolutely free. What does that mean for the grad school applicant? GRE verbal just got a whole lot less scary. And that’s good for you. Check out some the standout features of their new tool. Continue reading

GRE Study Plan : How to score 320+ on GRE in less than 3 months

GRE study plan

So you’re aiming for a 320+ score on GRE to target top universities and you need a GRE Study plan to get you that target score . You need to organize yourself very well. I’ve designed this GRE Study plan to get you that 320+ score. Follow the schedule, and you will be good :)

GRE Study Plan

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GRE Study Tips to score 330 : May the force be with you!

perfect gre score

GRE Study Tips Shared by Leelakrishna Nukala

GRE Study Tips to score 330

GRE requires persistent and tenacious preparation. It is a dry and boring exam, but then again when is an exam ever interesting and fun, right?!  Although, the good thing about GRE is that you don’t need to sit down with your books and slog it out, like we do for any competitive exam in India. On the rather contrary, it requires a continuous and subtle study process. The plus points to the GRE is that not only is it easier to score than any competitive exam you’ll ever face in India at the graduate level; it is also much less competitive.

GRE Study Tips

One of the primary queries for any one Continue reading