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Toefl reading tips

5 Toefl Reading Tips : How to improve TOEFL Reading

Choosing to take the TOEFL test is the first step that you take in your pursuit of Higher Education or Immigration to an English speaking country. The different tests and application procedures make the whole process overwhelming for someone who doesn’t have previous background information regarding all this. In such cases, students are often found to be confused and depressed during their last days of toefl preparation. So, I have come up with a quick post with some useful toefl reading tips to help you crack toefl from the word Go.  Follow the below tips while preparing for TOEFL and you will start feeling better about your preparation and will even score more on your mock tests. The following toefl reading tips are guaranteed to improve your TOEFL reading Score :

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An introduction to TOEFL Reading section questions with tips and tricks

TOEFL Reading section – Overview

The Reading section on TOEFL iBT is usually the first and sometimes the most exhaustive session. It is important to go with a strategy to tackle the reading section in TOEFL. While Chirag has already covered a good strategy for getting a dream TOEFL score with his toefl tips and tricks in his earlier post on TOEFL guide, I would like to concentrate specifically on the TOEFL reading section tips and give you an idea how to score well.


How to score well on TOEFL reading section?

The key to a good TOEFL reading score is timing and strategy. Usually, the TOEFL reading section lasts 60-80 minutes depending on whether you get that extra set of questions or not. Also, some of the questions will require thinking while some will purely be based on your knowledge and range of vocabulary. So it is important that you know which type of questions you will be spending most of your time on. This may sound simple, but it is by far the most efficient trick to crack TOEFL.

TOEFL Reading – The basics

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TOEFL: How to score 100+ on TOEFL with Speaking and Writing Templates

TOEFL: How to Score 100+

1st attempt : 91 (R:23 L:25 S:19 W:24) Prometric Ahmedabad
2nd attempt : 105 (R:28 L:23 S:24 W:30) MIT Pune STN11383H

1st attempt wasn’t that great as I studied for a day. I couldn’t study because of my placements as TCS came during that time. (Yeah TCS was a back up plan if I didn’t get my dream admit) Plus I was suffering through fever and had cough as well so couldn’t speak much and hence the low score in speaking. Continue reading


How the TOEFL Is Different from Real Life English

All standardized tests (for example, the GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS, or FCE) have the same basic goal: they want to measure your ability in real world skills. And all of them have the same problem: they aren’t the real world.

Writing an essay in 30 minutes is not something you will do in an office. You will never have a multiple choice question about vocabulary before you can order a coffee at Starbucks. And you will never speak into a microphone about your role model for 45 seconds anywhere else except a TOEFL test center.

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