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NYU Poly

University Review and CS First hand Experience – Courses at NYU Poly

The Polytechnic campus of NYU has been doing greatly and with its recent merger with the Main NYU, things are only looking better ahead for this upcoming campus on the east coast.

NYU poly has always been looking to train professionals for tomorrow and recently it has taken many steps to ensure that it meets the reputation of its name the legacy of the great NYU. Sometimes, we have also heard that the CS classes at the poly campus are tougher than their Courant counterparts. Nevertheless, both schools have been doing great and the east coast is soon catching up with the likes of Silicon Valley, Austin-Dallas region and the North Carolina Triangular region.

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course registration

The Importance of Registering courses early – Post Application process

Now that you have started receiving admits, this is a crucial time for many applicants as there are choices to make. So while you ask your seniors and friends regarding which universities you should choose, I thought I will write a post to remind regarding the importance of courses.

As you are aware, the US Universities offer credit based system and you need a certain credits to graduate at the end of the Program. While Most universities allow students to take courses as per their liking, things have become tough lately as the number of accepted students keeps rising for the popular Universities. So here is a insight into how the courses are chosen by the students for their Graduation. (I am writing this post from a CS point of view, but you can benefit by reading even if you are not from CS).

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TOEFL: How to score 100+ on TOEFL with Speaking and Writing Templates

TOEFL: How to Score 100+

1st attempt : 91 (R:23 L:25 S:19 W:24) Prometric Ahmedabad
2nd attempt : 105 (R:28 L:23 S:24 W:30) MIT Pune STN11383H

1st attempt wasn’t that great as I studied for a day. I couldn’t study because of my placements as TCS came during that time. (Yeah TCS was a back up plan if I didn’t get my dream admit) Plus I was suffering through fever and had cough as well so couldn’t speak much and hence the low score in speaking. Continue reading

Application Process: Timeline for MS/Ph.D in United States


Hello everyone. You need to follow a particular timeline if you want to file an application for US universities in fall semester. Start the process before about the 12 months of enrollment.

June- July:

  •   Start preparing for tests like TOEFL and GRE.
  •   Book a suitable date for these tests. It’s a crucial step as most of the dates are booked during these months.
  •   Check your passport’s status. If your passport is close to the expiry date or has expired then apply for renewing as soon as possible. The test centers won’t take your test without an active passport. . Continue reading