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Statement Of Purpose

Sample Statement of purpose for MS in CS

Applying For: MS program, Fall 2013

Department: Masters in Computer Science.


                                                                Statement Of Purpose

Dreams, dreams are what we live for, what we believe in, and what we want to achieve. We live because we dream. I had my childhood ambition of doing something great, something different for my family, my country, the entire human race and myself. I’ve always had this little dream of doing something big.

Every Child is born, with some inherited characteristics, into a specific socio-economic and emotional environment, and trained in certain ways by figures of authority. I inherited Honesty and Self – Discipline from my father; from my Mother, I inherited a faith in goodness and deep kindness and so did my brother.

In the pursuit of knowledge, I had always adopted an austere approach in order to attain a profound understanding of the subject at hand. This has amply reflected in my consistently well performing career, always in the top 2% of the class and having received numerous awards. Continue reading

Statement Of Purpose

Sample Statement of Purpose

Sample Statement of Purpose for MS in CS

Applying For: MS program, spring 2014

Department: Masters in Computer Science.



As an applicant to your M.S program, I am very pleased in introducing myself to you. Therefore, I present background information about my education and study objectives for admission to the M.S program in Computer Science at your prestigious University. I am certain that I will successfully complete the M.S program at your academic community with my well-developed and extensive knowledge about electronics engineering. Continue reading

Statement Of Purpose

An Introduction to Statement Of Purpose(SOP)

Statement of Purpose  will play a very important role in getting you your dream admit. I’ve seen people even with low GRE score and low GPA but writing a Real good SOP helps them crack a good admit.

What actually SOP is?

Statement of Purpose(also known as Essay) is one of the procedure of Application Process. In Statement of Purpose, you have to describe your own views on why are you selecting this university and what will you gain in future. Its all about describing your inner views. Continue reading