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HEB College Series – SAT vs ACT ? Which one you will choose for your college application

Once you have decided on your decision for a college education, the first thing you need to do is to decide which admissions test you’re gonna appear for, SAT or the ACT? There would be  a number of factors that would come into picture when you are deciding on the options as it’s an ongoing battle, SAT vs ACT.  I would advise that you keep calm and think where your interests lie and what kind of test format suits you better. Do not go with the flow on this one!

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Magoosh SAT Flashcards : Vocabulary made easy

Hey SAT studier! Is studying for ridiculously difficult SAT vocab words get in the way of your social time? You’re in luck! For many students the biggest obstacle to overcome SAT Verbal lies squarely with its vocabulary. Compared to the Quant section, which many can grasp through intuition and a few formulas, the Verbal has those same brave souls running for cover. Enter Magoosh’s brand new online Magoosh SAT flashcards. With so much at stake in undergrad school testing world, Magoosh SAT team has sought to level the playing field in the Verbal realm by offering their SAT flashcards available for free. That’s 350 words that range from the absolutely-must-know to the nail-bitingly-tough, all absolutely free. SAT verbal just got a whole lot less scary. And that’s good for you. Check out some the standout features of their new tool. Continue reading

The GRE – It’s Like the SAT, all Grown up

For many, the GRE isn’t completely new territory. At some point, you yourself may have sat down one Saturday to take a long and grueling test: the SAT. You probably remember the little fill in the blank sentence questions as well as the reading passages that followed (although probably not very fondly). You might also recall math questions don’t weren’t necessarily hard, but were very tricky.

The same – but different?

Well, those SAT question types mostly sum up the GRE. Of course, the GRE is a much more difficult version of the SAT. Fill-in-the-blank sentences have morphed into triple blank Text Completions that can sometimes be an entire paragraph long. And the reading passages Continue reading