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On campus Jobs

On Campus Jobs

On Campus Jobs

As an International student, you can work maximum 20 hrs./week on/off campus. Most of the students need to work on campus during college through which they can at least make up for their living expenses and other utilities. If you do not get Research Assistant-ship (RA) or Teaching Assistant-ship (TA), one should definitely look for On campus Jobs or part time jobs. But not all on campus jobs are good. Here’s the list of On campus jobs  and part time jobs which offers good pay and you can work around your class schedules.

1. Waiter or Waitress

  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $10
  • You can learn some good cooking skills
  • Can get extra cash through tips
  • Less Stressful

2. Library Assistant

  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $12
  • Sort Books and other materials. Help students with check in/out of books and operate copiers and other stuffs.
  • Stressful during finals / midterms
  • You get free time to study

3. Lab assistant

  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $20
  • Set up the lab and components and equipments required for the lab work
  • Can work with professors
  • Plus point on your resume Continue reading