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Top Universities for MS in MIS in USA

Top Universities for MS in MIS in USA

Before we list the Top Universities for MS in MIS in USA, let us discuss something about MIS. Many people nowadays who have significant amount of work experience prefers MS in MIS and similar programs where they can learn Management courses along with the technical as compared to general CS where it is only technical.  Many think that MIS means no coding which is completely wrong. You will have significant amount of coding during your MS in MIS as well. MIS programs is combination of Technical + Management courses. For example the courses will include: Data Extraction & Analysis, Foundation of Information Systems, Managing IT Systems etc. MIS graduates create IT & Business Systems which are useful in organizing and management of the organization.

There are some popular areas / specializations in Management Information Systems(MIS) and they are:

  • Business Intelligent Systems
  • Data and Text Mining
  • ERP
  • Business Analytics

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Is work experience in MIS Mandtory?

One of the most common questions, work experience MIS – Mandatory?

Many MS aspirants have often asked on our Facebook Page about work experience being a mandatory for MIS. The thing is, what most of the students do not understand is that its more of a question of their choice of program, University and at the end their ability to grasp managerial concepts and job responsibilities after graduation. The top Universities for MIS do not keep work experience as a mandatory requirement for Admission to their MIS programs. But in fact, when you look at the admission statistics of these universities, you will see that most of the students in MIS have at least 24 months of work experience with them. Continue reading