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IELTS Experience from the Admin @ HigherEduBlog

Hi guys, I am back with another experience post, the last couple of months I have been a little less active than before and so some of you may have rightly guessed it as I was preparing for my “English Proficiency test” , many of you know it as TOEFL or IELTS or TSE. Well, I know that reading the title of this post, many of you may be surprised, HEB admin going for IELTS ?  :-?

Well let me clear one thing for you guys, the tests like IELTS and TOEFL are English proficiency tests, you give these tests in order to complete one of the requirements for your admission process, this requirement is that you need to convince the admission committee that you are an educated individual who is able to communicate effectively and Efficiently in English and you will not struggle here after landing :-) .

So, let’s come back to the main question again, why IELTS and not TOEFL, well the answer is simple TOEFL dates not available uptill november. I could have waited for TOEFL till Continue reading