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GRE Preparation Tips

GRE Preparation Tips to score 325+

Guest blog by Koustuv Sinha on GRE Preparation Tips.

My GRE Preparation Tips:

GRE Date: 6th April, 2015
Score : 326 (158 V, 168 Q), 5.0 AWA

Firstly I want to point out that I am a working professional and relied only on online GRE preparation services. So my post and GRE Preparation Tips would be mainly relevant to working professionals who want to achieve high scores, although others might also find it useful. Continue reading


GRE Retake: How I scored 320+ on my Second Attempt – A tale of Endurance, Not Giving Up

A tale of Endurance, A tale of not giving up! Shared by Harman Shah Singh, one of our dear friends from the early days of this blog!

Ok So my journey for gre began arnd 4 months ago. At first I was really serious towards it, devoting inexhorbitant amounts of time on practicing quant and cramming words……though the first part help me a lot……the second DIDNT do much good, whihc I realised quite late…….well, without wasting much time I’ll straightaway come to what went wrong according to me in the first attempt and how I cud cope up in the second one.

I took gre for the first time on oct 9……the pattern was qvqvq…….scored 315 163q 152v


GRE Preparation Tips

GRE Exam: A story of success with Higher Education Blog

GRE Exam Experience Shared by one of the readers and a close friend of mine (who chose to remain anonymous)

GRE Exam Score : 314 (Q: 163 V: 151)

I write this in order to help especially the students who are many in numbers, like me, who give this new GRE exam, and the process from decision making than goes on to choosing the dates and giving the test would be just couple of months. Yes you can crack it even in few months, with an average brain, no classes, hardly any purchase materials or mentors by your side and get a decent score! How to score around 315 is what I mean and definitely worthy for you if you are looking at a similar or round about score! Continue reading

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Tips to crack GRE : This is how I scored 325


Shared by Adit Popli

My GRE Experience: How to crack GRE

This post might provide some respite to all those who are to give their GRE soon and are a little anxious and apprehensive about their performance and how to crack GRE because of the claim made made by some people that lately GRE (especially the quants section) has become tougher. If you are one of them, sit back and spare some time to read this post (which is going to be a long one)

I started with my GRE preparation around 2.5 months back and was very confident with the way my preparations were fairing up. And I actually like to read each and every experience posted py people who have appeared and how to crack GRE. And lately, over the past few weeks people have been saying that the quants section has stepped up a bit, not only in terms of difficulty but also length. This got me a little worried.

But, I had a very smooth experience with my exam. I didn’t find the exam intimidating at all. It felt as if I was giving another powerprep practice test and it was easy for me to crack GRE. Continue reading