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GRE AWA – Argument An Introduction to GRE Analytical writing

Many students face difficulty in preparing for the AWA Section on the GRE. While coaching classes, study materials and the Mock tests take care of the Quants and Verbal Sections, students often neglect the Writing section and may end up losing the competitive admissions battle to their peers due to a poorer Analytical score. If you want to get more insight on how hot the things have become in recent time, take a look at one of my previous posts Learn from fall 2014 mistakes.

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GRE AWA Template: How to write on the D-Day

                         GRE AWA Template – issue

GRE AWA Template : Issue Template

First Paragraph: Introduction

The issue/belief/idea/opinion that ____________________________________ is an interesting/controversial one. This issue is increasingly important in this age of _____________________. Many people believe _______________________, but these people overlook ___________________________________. Furthermore, __________________________________. In this essay, I will argue that _______________________________.


Second Paragraph: Support

There are many good reasons for ____. However, it cannot be ignored/overlooked that ________. A classic example of this is ______________.

Try to add something interesting in this paragraph. Make sure you use a few complicated structures – try putting a sub ordinate clause first. Like this:

While many type of professional  promote the notion that ________, I believe the opposite should be argued given the current situation/status of ______________________.



I have argued ___________________. This view will become increasingly dominant in the coming century given ____________________. Many of these issues can never be resolved to everybody’s satisfaction, but in the long run, promoting ___________________ will lead to betterment of all involved. Finally, _____________________________ increased (something like global co operation, cultural understanding etc. can only result from this, resulting in ______________________ for everybody.

If you are want more practice they consider some of the points mentioned in my earlier post on AWA study materials


GRE AWA: How to prepare for GRE AWA Section ?


Got a query from one of our reader about GRE AWA Section

hey hiee!! I am XXX, one of the subscribers of higheredublog. Its an awesome blog and your posts have helped me a lot. I have my GRE on september 17. I am following your post GRE Study Plan : How to score 320+ on GRE in less than 3 months. But you didn’t post how to prepare forGRE AWA. Please can you help me with GRE AWA because i am very much worried about it. Hope to see your next post about GRE AWA. Thank you.

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