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F1 Visa Interview

Sample Cover Letter for German Student Visa

As discussed in the previous post,you need to have a Cover letter for German Student Visa which you need to send along with the application so that the Visa Department gets a clear idea about your application. So here’s a sample Cover letter for German Student Visa.

Sample Cover Letter For German Student Visa



The German Consulate,

<City name>

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German Universities

Germany Student Visa document checklist

Germany nowadays is becoming one of the most preferred nation to Study abroad by the students and there is a high rise of the applicants of the Germany Student Visa. There are several advantages of studying in Germany such as low tuition fees, pat time jobs,  Good job opportunities after you complete your Masters, Good International Exposure etc. Well you won’t find much information about Studying in Germany on the internet or from any other consultancies as Germany is still not very famous with the students. On HigherEduBlog in the next few months, you’ll find lots of Information about studying in Germany and all other stuffs related to Living in Germany.

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