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How to fill up the ds 160 form for F1 Visa

Ian Britton

The ds 160 form is the prime document form that an applicant is supporsed to fill in order to file for the us visa application. The ds 160 form is a form that will contain all the details about you, your visa type, some background info about you etc.

Here are some tips and instructions from HEB to help you with filling the ds 160 form for your US Visa. Before you rush to fill the form, lets have a look at the things you will need while filling the form. Remember! It is always recommended that you file your ds 160 form by yourself.

Stuff to keep handy while filling ds 160 form:


1. Your I-20 from the University

2. Your SEVIS Fee Receipt Continue reading

F1 Visa Interview Tips for Mumbai Consulate

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Shared by Giselle Andrade

I’ll share some F1 Visa Interview Tips for Mumbai Consulate. So here goes my experience of F1 Visa Interview!

F1 Visa Interview Tips

Woke up hurriedly an hour before I had to leave from home for D-day, yes the F1 visa interview at US embassy in Mumbai. Was so anxious all night that I must have made up over a hundred probable questions and answers . Got Dressed in my best formats and reached the venue 2 hours before my interview slot. Tons of relatives, friends and others occupied the entire footpath opposite the consulate. Continue reading

bank statement for I20

Sample Bank Statement Letter for F1 Visa

Visa Season is going on nowadays and people still haven’t book the VI date. Well nowadays Visa Rejections is on a lower side and better book your date early as possible. Also some students will be having financial Problems such as Education loan before booking the VI date. Well here’s the Sample Bank Statement Letter for F1 Visa.

Bank Statement Letter for F1 Visa


To whom it may concern

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F1 Visa Interview : Gujju Power, Jai Matadi Let’s Rock

Guest Post By Utsav Talati on How to Crack F1 Visa Interview

So, Here goes my complete experience of F1 Visa Interview ( It is too long and not for weak hearted :P)
I will be more candid to this (and the experience will be lengthy also). Yeah, i had weakness and strong points during the F1 Visa interview. At one time tragedy also struck me. But overall the F1 Visa Interview experience was wonderful and eclectic. So here it goes..

Destination: Texas A & M University, College station. MS in Industrial Engineering

Took my date just 8-10 days before the F1 Visa Interview. Had less time to prepare for F1 Visa Interview and documentation work. Did not tell any of my friends that i was going for Continue reading