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DS-160 US Visa Form – An Introduction

For those of you who are wondering what the heck is DS-160 after all, this is the post that will explain you everything about it. Now that the new year has started and admits are rolling in, many of the students will be wondering about the US visa (F1 student visa) procedure, this post will help with the first steps towards getting the visa for your MS in US. To get started, just understand, that DS-160 is a simple form which you need to fill in order to apply for a visa.

The checklist for filling DS-160 form is as mentioned below:

  • A digital copy of your Photograph in a specific format. If for some reason, you cannot upload the photo correctly, you can carry a printed copy when you go to the consulate. Continue reading
bank statement for I20

Bank Statement for I20

Most of you will be preparing for finances and you will need some financial documents such as Loan Sanction letter, Bank Statement, Affidavit of Support(Certificate of Financial Responsibility), Solvency Certificate etc. to be sent to the university. As the bank statement shows your liquid assets, bank statement for I20 is the most important document to be sent to university so that the university processes your I20 as soon as possible. Below is the sample bank statement for I20 you can refer and can ask the bank officials to make one for you. Ideally take 10 copies of bank statement for I20 as you would have applied to max 8-10 universities. Also many of you will be taking an education loan to sponsor your higher education. Apart from bank statement, you can also send loan sanction letter. There is no need of Solvency Certificate if the balance in the bank statement for I20 is equal to or more than the specified I20 amount. Continue reading

F1 Visa – OFC procedure

OFC Appointment

Many of the Current applicants for the F1 Visa do not have clear idea about the OFC appointement and procedure for the F1 visa. Here is a quick post to introduce you to the much hyped “OFC” appointment.


F1 Visa – Offsite Facilitation Center (OFC) Introduction

With the introduction of the new visa policy this year, the United states department of Immigration has also made some changes in the F1 visa interview procedures. Unlike before, now you need to schedule two separate appointments for your F1 visa process. Continue reading