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DS-160 US Visa Form – An Introduction

For those of you who are wondering what the heck is DS-160 after all, this is the post that will explain you everything about it. Now that the new year has started and admits are rolling in, many of the students will be wondering about the US visa (F1 student visa) procedure, this post will help with the first steps towards getting the visa for your MS in US. To get started, just understand, that DS-160 is a simple form which you need to fill in order to apply for a visa.

The checklist for filling DS-160 form is as mentioned below:

  • A digital copy of your Photograph in a specific format. If for some reason, you cannot upload the photo correctly, you can carry a printed copy when you go to the consulate. Continue reading

How to fill up the ds 160 form for F1 Visa

Ian Britton

The ds 160 form is the prime document form that an applicant is supporsed to fill in order to file for the us visa application. The ds 160 form is a form that will contain all the details about you, your visa type, some background info about you etc.

Here are some tips and instructions from HEB to help you with filling the ds 160 form for your US Visa. Before you rush to fill the form, lets have a look at the things you will need while filling the form. Remember! It is always recommended that you file your ds 160 form by yourself.

Stuff to keep handy while filling ds 160 form:


1. Your I-20 from the University

2. Your SEVIS Fee Receipt Continue reading