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Fall 2016

What Fall 2016 students need to learn from Fall 15 results?

What Fall 2016 applicants should learn from Fall ’15 ?

Last year, I had written a post about the Fall 2014 Admission trend and mistakes that Fall 2015 students need to avoid. Many have responded to HEB post positively and even followed the tips to secure their dream admits this year, check out the Fall 2015 results. However, admission process is getting competitive each year so we decided that this year, it is better if the Gyan is given by someone from Fall 2015 batch itself so that Aspirants for Fall 2016 can learn from their tips. So here it goes, A guest post by one of the HEB followers (Shirith Mehak) to guide the aspirants of Fall 2016.

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course registration

The Importance of Registering courses early – Post Application process

Now that you have started receiving admits, this is a crucial time for many applicants as there are choices to make. So while you ask your seniors and friends regarding which universities you should choose, I thought I will write a post to remind regarding the importance of courses.

As you are aware, the US Universities offer credit based system and you need a certain credits to graduate at the end of the Program. While Most universities allow students to take courses as per their liking, things have become tough lately as the number of accepted students keeps rising for the popular Universities. So here is a insight into how the courses are chosen by the students for their Graduation. (I am writing this post from a CS point of view, but you can benefit by reading even if you are not from CS).

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fall and spring

Fall and Spring Admissions: Pros and Cons

Fall and Spring Admissions

There are several advantages and disadvantages of applying in Fall and Spring sessions.

Following are the main reason one should opt for Fall and not Spring session:

  • One cannot go for internship before 2 semesters(9 months)! The first summer break after your first semester will be wasted as fall people will go for internship and you won’t be eligible!
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bank statement for I20

Bank Statement for I20

Most of you will be preparing for finances and you will need some financial documents such as Loan Sanction letter, Bank Statement, Affidavit of Support(Certificate of Financial Responsibility), Solvency Certificate etc. to be sent to the university. As the bank statement shows your liquid assets, bank statement for I20 is the most important document to be sent to university so that the university processes your I20 as soon as possible. Below is the sample bank statement for I20 you can refer and can ask the bank officials to make one for you. Ideally take 10 copies of bank statement for I20 as you would have applied to max 8-10 universities. Also many of you will be taking an education loan to sponsor your higher education. Apart from bank statement, you can also send loan sanction letter. There is no need of Solvency Certificate if the balance in the bank statement for I20 is equal to or more than the specified I20 amount. Continue reading