Syracuse University

Syracuse University: Review and answers to FAQs

Syracuse University


Syracuse University (also known as ‘Cuse) is a  private research institution located in Syracuse, New York. It was established on March 24, 1870. Many of the students apply to Syracuse University as a safe bet but SU cannot be considered safe nowadays given the Fall 2014 and Fall 2015 results. It has been competitive as most of the students have Syracuse University in their list be it for CS/CE/IM/EE.


Syracuse University is located in the neighborhood of University Hill and is in downtown. Being a town, there is nothing much to do. But hey NYC or Toronto are just 6 hours drive. Also there are many companies in and around Syracuse where many people work part time during summer.

Infrastructure and Other Facilities:

Syracuse University is spread over 200 acres and it has one of the largest campus. Syracuse is home to the SU Art Galleries. The University provides full support to students who wanna pursue any sport. Also for students who wants to be involved in research, there are tons of opportunities with professors as they are highly qualified and actively participate in research activities.


Weather is really harsh here. It’s pretty cold during winters when the temperature goes below -20 C. But it can be tolerated if you wear the right amount of clothes. Summer  is good and warm. Snow is almost about 5-6 months and that is the reason Syracuse is known as the Snowiest City of USA.


Faculty are really good. They are very approachable would be more than happy to help. One of the renowned professor is Dr. Fawcett. He is a pro-Microsoft techie and teaches C++ and .Net 5.0. He is in CE Department.

Tuition Fees and On Campus Jobs:

Most of the people are awarded 30% scholarship on tuition fee. So the tuition fee per credit comes about 1200$.

Campus jobs were easy till 2012, and currently its tough. Lucky people (Approx 60-70%) get in first semester, and others get in second semester easily. Having work ex in India helps finding part time tech jobs on campus.

Notable Academic Programs:

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Information Management

Housing and Living Expenses:

Living expenses are pretty cheap compared to how near you stay to campus. I guess $500 per month should be enough to lead a decent life in first semester. Most of the students stay off campus as it is pretty cheap. Mainly they live in Comstock and Euclid Avenue.


SU has focus on Microsoft technology. .Net jobs do exist, but have decreased recently and not helping people get jobs in those technologies. Most people end up with C/C++ jobs and Web development jobs. Software Modelling& Analysis, Internet Programming, Advanced Data Structures, Object Oriented Design and Mobile OS and Mobile App Development are a must for CS/CE people. Security courses are good as well.

Also class size for core courses are pretty big (around 120) and for other courses its 30-40. This has increased significantly in the recent years.

If you are coming for CS/CE, Try to learn .Net & C#. It is not mandatory but learning beforehand won’t do any harm.


syracuse university


Post MS opportunities are really good. Internships depends on your profile, skill set, and courses you have taken in first two semesters. For CS, coding skills are very important and doing all the assignments will improve that. It’s important to have a good detailed LinkedIn profile with few open source projects on GitHub.


Overall Syracuse University is good and has been competitive lately. If you have better Tier 1 university, go for it else Syracuse ain’t bad. Also do not come to SU for EE. EE is not quite good and many of the good professors have left recently so no good courses. Please contact EE seniors before coming here.

Contact Details:

Address: 900 South Crouse Ave, Syracuse, NY, United States
Phone No: 315.443.1870

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7 thoughts on “Syracuse University: Review and answers to FAQs

  1. Can you please post review of University of Pittsburgh ???
    I have admits from Syracuse University and University of Pittsburgh for MS in Telecommunication .
    Also can you please suggest which should I choose ?

  2. Hello,
    I have got admit from TNM program at Syracuse and MST program at Pitt!
    I want to pursue my career in Computer Networks and I am not much into Telecom.

    Can you please help me out to choose one? Really confused! Deadline is tomorrow!

    Thank you.

    1. See the coursework of both in detail and decide on what interests you more also keeping in mind the skillset and job prospects.

      1. Coursework is almost same, Syracuse is more towards Management and I really dont mind that! About Job well I feel it will depends on us!
        I am more confused as both Universities are almost similar! From Expenditure to Coursework to Job prospects! I dont know what to do! Help!

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