Stony Brook University (SUNY SB) : Review & FAQs


Stony Brook University,  also referred to as SUNY Stony Brook  more frequently is a public research University founded in the year 1957. SUNY Stony Brook is one of the most reputed state universities on the East coast and a very affordable one too. The University has a large number of Undergraduate population making it easier for Grad Students to find RAs and on campus jobs. Plus its in New york which makes it one of the top choices for MS aspirants.


Coming to the location, it is indeed in New york, but not in the NYC. It is at the North East shore on the Long Island region. About 65 KMs from Manhattan is not too far and students do have many opportunities during and after their studies.

Students need not worry about the Crime rate as there is university police to help students around the campus and keep a check on their safety. It is safe to walk around the campus even at nights.

Infrastructure and Other Facilities:

With a large sprawling campus demarcated in different zones, the Stony Brook campus has all the amenities a student could ever need. Two massive libraries and various cafes ensure that students have a balanced life during their studies and can relax at their will.

There is a fitness center in every quad. If you are a fitness freak, you can join the Recreation Center which has custom basket ball courts, badminton courts, running tracks and a fully equipped gymnasium.There are social events that take place almost every day.

Some cool hangout places near the campus include Smith haven mall, West Meadows Beach, Port Jefferson.


Its New york,

Very harsh winter. Temperatures go down to -30’C. Hot summer. Unpredictable rains. Enough said ! :)

Stony Brook Faculty:

Stony Brook has some of the finest faculties and research infrastructure in US. In the Electrical department, Professor Milder and Professor Salman are really good. In the Computer Science department Professor Zadok, Professor Rezaul Chowdhury and Professor Hussain Badr are really good.

Tuition Fees and On Campus Jobs:

Tuition fees are comparatively lower than other schools. Refer the program bursar website for latest figures.

On Campus jobs are plenty. Depending on the number of hours one works, they might just be able to cover up for their living. But it is difficult as in Stony Brook one needs to take 4 courses in the first two semesters.


Notable Academic Programs:

In general ,

CSE, Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Physics departments are very good.

Research is great in the Systems field of Computer Science. Also in the Electrical department Professor Salman works in the field of Advanced VLSI.

But To be frank, the Electrical Department has only few good courses. There are a few good courses in VLSI and hardware tool generation. One can take Advanced Digital System Design, Advanced VLSI system design, Hardware Software co design of embedded systems.  Nanoscale integrated circuit design. to graduate with good courses. Good Computer science courses include: Operating Systems, System Security, Analysis of Algorithms.


Housing and Living Expenses:

Most people stay on campus. House Rent can be anything between 500-700$ including utilities. Add another 100-150$ for groceries and all.

Most students stay on campus. Chapin Apartments is the place where most Indians and Chinese end up staying. Other grad housing optionsinclude: West Apartments, Schomburg Apartments.

Most people stay on campus. On campus apartments are cheaper than the apartments for rent outside the campus.




SUNY Stony Brook

Stony brook







Post – MS Opportunities:

One needs to work really hard to get full time opportunities as SBU is in the east coast. CSE people get very good offers. The average package for EE/CE majors is 80-100k $. For CS people it is 90k$ and above. Most people end up working for intel, facebook, microsoft, google, VMware, Blackrock.


Campus Life : 

Don’t expect your campus life to be a giant party. Afterall its grad school and not college. You need to work smart in  order to party hard! :)



Conclusion :

If you are a computer science, physics or chemistry student, this university should be among your top choices to do Masters. The Electrical department is not that great. The weather is very unpredictable. Winters are long and harsh.



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