Statement Of Purpose

Sample Statement of Purpose

Sample Statement of Purpose for MS in CS

Applying For: MS program, spring 2014

Department: Masters in Computer Science.



As an applicant to your M.S program, I am very pleased in introducing myself to you. Therefore, I present background information about my education and study objectives for admission to the M.S program in Computer Science at your prestigious University. I am certain that I will successfully complete the M.S program at your academic community with my well-developed and extensive knowledge about electronics engineering.

As a student in the undergraduate study for a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer science, I intend to pursue a graduate program to refine my knowledge and skills in my areas of interest. I believe it will also serve to give direction to my eventual goal of a career as a research professional at a research-oriented organization. I intend to pursue an MS degree in “Computers Science” at your university as the first step towards obtaining a PHD.


Academic Background

My innate strengths have been my quantitative and analytical abilities, which instilled in me a special interest for mathematics and basic sciences. I have secured 62% in my X standard. My inclination towards mathematics and analytical skills has impelled me to choose mathematics, physics and chemistry as my major in my 10+2.

For my under graduate studies, I have opted for “Computer science” as my branch in Don Bosco Degree College (Affiliated to Osmania University), which is considered as one of the best in education in the state.


Why I choose USA for M.S:

I feel that getting education in a country other than one’s own is an education in itself. Living in such an environment with people having similar goals and aspirations is an enthralling experience in one’s academic life and is of considerable importance in one’s professional career.

Knowledge has no end.  This is especially so of Science & Technology. Study of technology in more technologically advanced countries like U.S.A can only ensure that the journey in the pursuit of knowledge will not end. It is for this reason that I want to study in U.S.A where industry and university interaction is paralleled and where focus is more on “application of theory” than on “theory”.

Being a prospective student for new challenging ideas, I believe that an opportunity for higher education in U.S.A would be a unique fortuity to test and prove my ability and also to enrich and broaden my keen with transition to a new setting.


Reasons to choose graduate study

I have always looked forward to gaining practical and in-depth knowledge of a subject. Though under graduation does give an opportunity to understand the subject from a fundamental level it fails in providing the in-depth knowledge. Also graduate study helps in understanding the more practical aspect of the subject and lays the future for a research-oriented career. I would like to continue my process of learning and seeking knowledge and as the graduate study provides the right platform for it.  I believe that my graduate program will become a strong foundation for my PhD and eventually for my career in research.


My area of interest-Computer Engineering:

Finally, my under graduate acquaintances is broad based and the scope for advancement being so vast and promising. Apart from industrial relevance, other factors that drew me towards Computer engineering were its firm theoretical basis and its practical importance in the modern day world.

I am aware that under graduate study demand a good knowledge of the fundamentals, a capacity for hard work and creative thinking. I am confident that I am fully prepared to meet the exacting demands of your graduate program in computers engineering.

I feel that excellent faculty and research facilities at your university provide an ideal environment for intellectual development in my chosen field of interest and will help me attain my career goals.

I am confident that I can definitely put in my bets and to do justice to my under graduate program. I promise to put in my best efforts with dedication and commitment. I would be extremely satisfies if I am considered for a suitable financial assistance in your esteemed college. I am looking forward to a challenging and exciting stay at your college.

I sincerely hope that my admission to your institute will be considered in all possibility, which will be final touch to my personal inclination and objective of my life.

Thanking you for the opportunity of expressing myself.


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