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Sample Statement of Purpose for MS in ME

Statement Of Purpose : One of the most important aspect of your application process. I’ve seen people with  less academic grads but with a real good Statement of Purpose, they cracked good admit. To write a real good Statement of Purpose you need to know how to write one. This post is on Statement of Purpose for MS in ME. If you don’t know how to write Statement of Purpose, please refer the below link.

I got many emails from students and most of them had queries related to Statement of purpose. And most of them were from Mechanical Engineering and asked me for Sample Statement of purpose for MS in Mechanical Engineering. So here’s the Sample Statement of Purpose for MS in ME


Applying For: MS program, Spring 2013

Department: Masters in Mechanical Engineering.


                                                Statement Of Purpose


My undergraduate studies in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the M.S Ramaiah Institute of Technology,Bangalore,India has exposed me to a stimulating academic environment where learning and research go hand-in-hand. Through the many opportunities I have had here, I have found a deep interest in research work and a strong aptitude for the type of problem solving and problem discovery that it involves.
I have, therefore decided to pursue active research in Mechanical Engineering as a career.. My junior seminar work, my practical training and my courses have given me plenty of exposure to these areas and I strongly believe that I have sufficient motivation and aptitude to work in this field.

I have good academics at every step in my education. I stood 65th among 180,000 students in the state examination. I have secured distinction in BE Mechanical Engineering from the Bangalore university.

I believe that the Graduate Program in your University will provide me the opportunity to enable further honing of my technical and analytical skills acquired thus far. I am fully aware of the commitment and perseverance required for research and believe that my aptitude and motivation will see me through the challenge. I am also confident that given an opportunity, I can contribute to the ongoing work in your graduate program in a productive manner. I therefore look forward to joining your esteemed University for pursuing higher studies leading to a Master’s Degree.


During my graduation I carried out my final year project in M.S Ramaiah Institute of Technology on “Fabrication Of Aluminum -4%Boron Master Alloy and its Grain Refinement”. This project has given me a great exposure to the world of materials .It required extensive research in terms of establishing an experimental setup.

I would like to pursue my further studies in USA to expand my ken. Having done that, I would like to return back to India and implement what I will learn in the US. I would also like to contribute my share to my country. I have chosen your institution in order to pursue my graduate studies because of the distinguished faculty and excellent infrastructural facilities in your University make its graduate program ideally suited to my academic goals.


I would like to end by saying that I am fully aware that a career in Research and academics requires a high level of intelligence, unwavering dedication and a lot of sacrifice. I am confident that I would meet all the above demands and would try to be an asset to your renowned University and hence I appeal to the Graduate Admissions Committee to consider me for admission and financial aid.


I guess this would help the Mechanical guys. If you need any help regarding Statement of Purpose, do comment below and I’ll revert back ASAP. Keep pinging

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  1. Hi,

    Your SOP looks good. I have got 9 years of work exp in software field. I did my graduate in EEE in the year 2004. Can you please provide me sample SOP for doing my MS in Quality System Engineering field.


      1. Hi Appoorv,I completed my btech in ece in 2010.Later I joined in an MNC as software Engineer and working now.Now I would like to apply for post graduate diploma in Advanced Project Management course in canada.Please help me to write my sop by sending some samples to my email id:
        Awaiting for your kind response.Please.its urgent.


  2. I want to apply for master by research program at Australian university..can you please help me prepare my SOP?

  3. Hi,

    I am having around six years of IT experience and would love to pursue my further education in Computers. Could you please help me in preparing my SOP for applying to MS in USA. By the way, I was a computer student and completed my B.Tech in Computer Science and Tech in 2007.

    Thanks and Regards,

  4. i have completed my B.Sc Microbiology and MBA in Agribusiness and Plantation management from Bangalore. Currently working as a Business analyst in an Agribusiness firm who caters the software services to agri/pharma related companies. i aspire to take MS in Business analytics in australia for Feb 2014 intake . Kindly suggest me with sample SOP w.r.t the same.
    looking forward for your suggestions.

  5. Hi,
    I am working as a software engineer in MNC.
    I completed my in 2011 in CS from JIIT Noida. I am starting to write my SOP. Can you help me editing it.


  6. your sop impressed me alot and i want to get some help for cover letter.
    can you help me for this?

  7. Hi Sir,

    I am thankful to go through your blog/web. It impress me a lot. I really need your help please as fast as possible.

    I have completed my M.Div program. I am, now, planning to go for M.Th program. I urgently need your help and sample suggestions how to write “Statement of Purpose in pursuing higher theological studies.”

    Eagerly looking forward for your suggestions.

    Thanking you,

  8. Hi,

    I completed my B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering in 2008.I am having around Five years of experience in Mechanical Engineering and would love to pursue my further education in the same field. Could you please help me in preparing my SOP for applying to MS in USA.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Kota Srikanth

  9. hi, i have completed BE in mechanical and have one year of experience and now i wanted to pursue masters in germany, can you please suggest me to write my sop that what all it should cover ?

  10. I am so impressed by your sample sop.Can you please help me out in drafting mine.I am B.E Mechanical with distinction and pass out of 2011.Post study I have 1 year of industrial experience and 2 years of academic one.


  11. Can you please help me out in drafting mine.I am B.E Mechanical with distinction and pass out of 2011.Post study I have 1 year of industrial experience and 2 years of academic one.


  12. hi sir/ madam
    I have completed my in electronics and communication in 2014. I am applying for winter intake 0f 2015 in Germany. I doesn’t have any experience neither industrial exp. nor as traniee . can you help in making of LOR and SOP by sending some samples to my email address. My email address is

    thanks in advance.

  13. I completed my B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering in current year . Could you please help me in preparing my SOP for applying to MS in USA.

    Thanks and Regards,

  14. Hi,
    I am going to write a satisfactory SOP in term of Master of Science in Project Management.could you provide me with one or two enchanting SOPs.


  15. Hi Apoorv,

    I am a 2013 pass out in ME and have had 16 months of work experience. i have a sop written . I need to make it stronger than what it is now since my bachelor percentage is only 73% and i don’t want to miss out on good universities.I can send you my sop and please if possible for you please advice to make it better and currently is two n a half pages on A4 sheets. please revert back

  16. Your statement of purpose is excellant,I want to apply for full bright for MS in mechanical engineering…please guide me…

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