Letter of Recommendation from HOD

Sample LOR from Head of Department

Mr. xxxHODNAMExxx

B.Tech, M.Tech.,                                

Head of Department,             

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering,

E-mail: abcxyz@def.com



I wish to put on record my impression about Mr. xxxNAMExxx whom I have knew for the 4 years where he was in ECE stream having secured a competitive rank in the statewide entrance examination. He has continued to maintain the high level of academic attainment. Based on his performance thus far graduate study I have taught him subjects Antenna & wave Propagation, Micro wave Engineering and Television engineering” and also guided him in Electronic Circuits Lab (SPICE), Linear IC Applications Lab and Electronic Computer Aided Design Lab (ECAD).


Mr. xxxNAMExxx is a diligent student with a high degree of motivation. His ability to organize his time efficiently and his meticulous preparation will be an asset to the research team. He has excellent problem-solving skills. I have found him to be a student with high intellect and profound analytical thinking. His self-confidence and optimistic approach to solve even the most difficult problems are worth mentioning.


His systematic and focused approach has always earned him a good academic performance. His ability to visualize and link together the fundamentals of each subject makes him an ideal student for research.


I feel that graduate study in an institution of your repute should go a long way in giving expression to his true potential. I recommend him for admission with adequate financial assistance to your university. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.


3 thoughts on “Sample LOR from Head of Department

  1. Do universities need LOR in physical form or they send link to Prof’s email id to be filled ?
    Are physical LORs not at all needed these days?
    I am asking because I want to take LOR from my manager at workplace before resigning..
    Pls respond. thanks

    1. Sometimes they need physical LORs. It’s better to have a physical copy of LOR on company’s letter head to be on a safe side!

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