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Sample Bank Statement Letter for F1 Visa

Visa Season is going on nowadays and people still haven’t book the VI date. Well nowadays Visa Rejections is on a lower side and better book your date early as possible. Also some students will be having financial Problems such as Education loan before booking the VI date. Well here’s the Sample Bank Statement Letter for F1 Visa.

Bank Statement Letter for F1 Visa


To whom it may concern

This is to certify that Mr. XXX, Mrs. YYY & Mr. ZZZ are holding the Savings Bank Accounts and Fixed Deposits with the <BankName>, <BranchName> since dd/mm/yyyy.

The Balance on the Savings Bank Accounts as on mm/dd/yyyy are as confirmed below:

  1. Savings Bank Accounts No. XXXX in the name of Mr. XXXX & Mrs. XXXX – Rs. ________ (US $ – ______)
  2. Savings Bank Accounts No. XXXX in the name of Mr. XXXX – Rs. ________ (US $ – ______)

We further wish to confirm that the Total Fixed Deposits held by Mr. XXXX & Mrs. XXXX with us as on mm/dd/yyyy are as Rs. _______ (US $ _____).

The above mentioned deposits are liquid and can be en-cashed anytime before maturity date. The total value of the above mentioned funds is Rs ______ which is equivalent to USD ________ approximately.

The operations is their accounts has been satisfactory.

This letter is issued on the request of Mr. XXXX & Mrs. XXXX for the purpose of supporting the living and educational expenses of their son XXXX in the United States Of America.


Signature of the authorized personnel with stamp. 


So I guess this sample bank statement letter for F1 Visa helped you. Don’t fake any documents during your Visa Interview. If you get caught, you’ll be banned for life from entering the United States of America. For more tips, see How to Crack F1 Visa Interview

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7 thoughts on “Sample Bank Statement Letter for F1 Visa

  1. hey,
    1)we need to make 9-10 copies of the bank statement rt??I only made,what should I do now???
    2)I prescribed the amount in bank statement as $45,000,is it enough???
    3)Do we need to take the sponsor certificate or affidavit of support on a stamp paper????
    Thanks in advance…..

  2. Hello,
    I’ve recently applied to Los Angeles City College. I have 3 bank statements of last 3 months. But in my mind they are asking me bank account expenses letter/statement of last three months. In their email, iis said that

    We do not accept stocks as a bank statement. We need last three months official back statements in English with minimum balance of $20,000 from you or your sponsor.

    I have bank statement of $22,000. Please help me on this.

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