On campus Jobs

On Campus Jobs

On Campus Jobs

As an International student, you can work maximum 20 hrs./week on/off campus. Most of the students need to work on campus during college through which they can at least make up for their living expenses and other utilities. If you do not get Research Assistant-ship (RA) or Teaching Assistant-ship (TA), one should definitely look for On campus Jobs or part time jobs. But not all on campus jobs are good. Here’s the list of On campus jobs  and part time jobs which offers good pay and you can work around your class schedules.

1. Waiter or Waitress

  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $10
  • You can learn some good cooking skills
  • Can get extra cash through tips
  • Less Stressful

2. Library Assistant

  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $12
  • Sort Books and other materials. Help students with check in/out of books and operate copiers and other stuffs.
  • Stressful during finals / midterms
  • You get free time to study

3. Lab assistant

  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $20
  • Set up the lab and components and equipments required for the lab work
  • Can work with professors
  • Plus point on your resume

4. Social media Adviser

  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $22
  • One who is good at marketing on Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Easy and less stressful
  • Can work from your apartment
  • Improve your Marketing and Communication skills

5. Bartender

  • Avg. pay $300 – $800 / night
  • Serve beverages in a bar, pub or tavern
  • Late hours work so pretty stressful
  • Good pay but not recommended

6. Brand ambassador

  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $ 30
  • Market a product of a company and become a brand ambassador
  • Bring home few free samples
  • Improves marketing skills

7. Freelance Writer

  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $25
  • Help writing for School papers or other publications
  • Develop good communication skills
  • Express your Technical / Non Technical Skills

8. On-campus tour guide

  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $12
  • Go on a university tour and show the students and their families different schools, history, football teams etc
  • Improve your communication skills

9. Public Relation/Communication Officer

  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $15
  • Develop relations with the media
  • Improve your writing and marketing skills by writing different articles on the events going on in university for media
  • Less Stressful

10. On-campus Alumni affairs

  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $ 12
  • Works for fund raising
  • Develop Relations with alumni’s
  • Good for Networking with people so can get references for jobs too.

11. Creative Graphics Designer

  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $15
  • Works with the publications team of the university
  • Improve Marketing Skills
  • Must Know Photoshop or equivalent design tool

12. College Print Center Attendant

  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $13 
  • Printing, Laminating and other publications stuff
  • Work alone with no interference
  • Free time to study

13.  Life guard / Swim Instructors

  •  Avg. hourly pay $8 – $12
  • Easy timings
  • Less Stressful

14. College Desk Clerk Attendant

  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $12
  •  Monitor people entering  and exiting Dorms and other campus buildings
  • Improve your hospitality skills
  • Free time to study

15. On Campus Career Services

  •  Avg. hourly pay $8 – $12
  • Inform about Events, Careers Fairs, Internship opportunities
  • Learn about professional world
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Familiarity with the job hunting process

16. On Campus IT Support

  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $15
  • Troubleshoot Computers, Installing OS etc.
  • Solve technical problems
  • Less stressful

17. Cashier

  •  Off campus
  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $12
  • Requires good communication skills
  • Develop marketing skills

18. Programming jobs

  • Avg. hourly pay $8 – $30
  •  On/Off Campus
  • Show your technical skills and plus point in your resume
  • Can work for different companies
  • Networking with professionals
  • Good for gaining internships / Co-op/ Full time jobs

Source : Usnews.com and other universities websites.

Hope you enjoyed the article and got a rough idea about the on campus jobs as well as other part time jobs. You can’t work off campus for the first two semesters. Reach US early as possible say 15 – 20 days before the commencement of the term and apply as soon as possible for the on campus jobs as there our lots of desis (Indians) competing for the on campus jobs.

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