Northeastern University

Northeastern University: Review and answers to FAQs

Northeastern University


Northeastern University is a private nonprofit research university located in Boston, Massachusetts. It was started in 1898. Northeastern University has other campuses in  Charlotte, North Carolina, and Seattle, Washington as well. Many people are offered Seattle campus who cannot make to Boston campus.


Northeastern University is located in downtown Boston near to Boston University. Boston is one of the exciting places to live in the world as downtown is full of parties and clubs as quoted by the Northeastern university student. There are lots of fun places nearby but you need to mix with the native people, make new friends and you can have a wonderful time in Boston.

Infrastructure and Other Facilities:

Campus life at Northeastern University is amazing . Lots and lots of activities. You will meet with all kinds of people and this is again inititative by student. Northeastern University provides many platforms for students to interact and you will find lots of clubs n other things. People take sports a lot seriously here and I have to say GYM is amazing here. Personally I am not having any night life as I am busy with courses and everything but my many friends go to clubs and enjoy.


Weather is up-to you. I love cold and that’s why I am enjoying. But people coming in winter will have hard time as it is very snowy for the most of the days. Boston has all kinds of weather and you can enjoy all types here.


Faculty at Northeastern University is very cool. There will be 2 types of lectures always. One who is young, energetic taking up new technologies and innovative teaching

Other type being old, but conservative & wise. They deal fundamentals very good. There are lots of facilities around.  Research is going on many aspects. Most here work on close basis with MIT people.

Tuition Fees and Aid Scene:

$44000 – Total. You can add $2000 more on something or other. You can get RA/TA but it’s  hard as the competition is there.

Notable Academic Programs:

  • Computer Science
  • Information Assurance
  • Information Systems

Profile Recommendations:

It is not easy to get admit from Northeastern University at all especially from CS Department as the competition increasing every year. I would say it depends on technical aspects of the profile. If it  interests Brian & team, you will get in smooth. Else you need to pass through other tests.

TOEFL >100 is one major cutoff for CS department and apart from that, work experience and grades are must. Spring intake had only 4 non-experience people.

Housing and Living Expenses:

I am spending 800 and living fine. Spending on lot on food, but if you plan properly and save a lot it will come to less than 700. There are lots of on campus jobs. But you need to be one semester in to get it. They will pay decent, but it wont cover living expenses as Boston cost of living is very high.

Most of the students stay in Mission Main, City View or Peterborough. Also not much crime rate. NYPD is very active on this. They will update on every kind of crime and can help you in many ways


First semester PDP is must. Courses are very tough in general. I personally work 15 hours minimum/day to stay and finish the work. I love the course work. Web devevlopment , I am taking is very good. I learned many new web technologies and started developing many in them. I m currently working on a project with MEAN stack

Good courses would be Mobile Application Development, Database under Jose, Information Retrieval, Machine learning and such. Programming language courses are very tough and hard to get grades. But very good in content.


Northeastern University is ranked under 50 and it is rising up every year.


Almost all students lands up with co-op. The scenario is good. Northeastern University pays lot of attention to that. Career services will help a lot. It also requires the student to participate actively. You can build rapport with some of the greatest minds in very short time.

Almost all land up with full time. Amazon, Intuit, Blackberry, Philips, VMWare, E-Bay are some of them. Pay is good.. avg around $85-90K and few students who passed out went as up till $130-140K.


I have to say that there are tough courses. It ll be hard to breathe, but it’s worth it. The university as a whole is good out of average choices but if you have a better tier one, go for it.

Contact Details:

Address: Northeastern University, 360 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115, United States
Phone: +1 617-373-2000

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  1. Can i try this university with this profile:

    GRE:300 AWA2.5
    10th:90 %
    Work exp:3.5 as of now

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