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MS in Germany

Education cost for doing MS in Germany is much cheaper compared to some other countries. You may finish your MS in Germany by spending much lower than that in UK, Australia or US.

In Germany, since many years Graduate level education is free of cost. But recently some of the Federal states have introduced a basic tuition fees costing 500 – 850 EUR per semester. Thus, if you want to get through a master degree program of 2 years then you may require approximately 2000 – 3600 EUR. Besides this, you have to pay additional administration fees per semester which would be around 50 – 200 EUR per semester.

Tuition Fees at various Universities of Germany

Some of German Universities along with their tuition fees are listed below. Have a quick glance at the following list.

University Tuition fees per Semester(in Euros)
Thuringia (Thüringen)


Saxony (Sachsen)


North Rhine-Westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen)






Bavaria (Bayern)


Saxony-Anhalt (Sachsen-Anhalt)




Note: Kindly have a note that currently the fee structure for the tuition fees in German Universities is very unstable. So the fees may vary depending on the circumstances. Hence, before applying in any University have a look at the University website to know the exact fee structure.


As mentioned above, the education cost for MS in Germany is much lower. But it’s not done with just education; you also need to consider the basic living cost over there.

Cost of living in Germany

Given below are the details about the living cost in Germany. It may differ from city to city. But some of the most common rates are given.

Type Cost (in Euros) per Month
1 Food 100 – 150
2 Health Insurance 60 – 100
3 Rent 150 – 200
4 Phone/Calling cards < 30
5 Other expenses 50
Total cost 350 – 500

So friends now you must be clear that US is not the only country to do masters. You may also think about different alternative countries. MS in Germany is also a good option to go for as it is much cheaper than MS in US or UK.

Will be up with more updated information in my next post, till then have a nice time….

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  1. Thanks for sharing the scholarship info..helped a lot..I am also a student aspiring for Higher studies in Germany and looking for scholarships,hence i visited many sites including this,and gained a lot of knowledge.

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