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Hey SAT studier! Is studying for ridiculously difficult SAT vocab words get in the way of your social time? You’re in luck! For many students the biggest obstacle to overcome SAT Verbal lies squarely with its vocabulary. Compared to the Quant section, which many can grasp through intuition and a few formulas, the Verbal has those same brave souls running for cover. Enter Magoosh’s brand new online Magoosh SAT flashcards. With so much at stake in undergrad school testing world, Magoosh SAT team has sought to level the playing field in the Verbal realm by offering their SAT flashcards available for free. That’s 350 words that range from the absolutely-must-know to the nail-bitingly-tough, all absolutely free. SAT verbal just got a whole lot less scary. And that’s good for you. Check out some the standout features of their new tool.

Features of the Magoosh SAT Flashcards

Admittedly, there are more than a couple flashcard tools available for SAT test takers to get their hands on, but when Magoosh puts a new tool out, you can bet they’re serious about making a game changer. So what sets these flashcards apart?

First off, meticulous detail was given to not only the words chosen, but also the definitions and example sentences that accompany those words. This isn’t a box of cards that you picked up from Barnes and Noble with half-baked sentences for words you’d probably never see on the SAT anyway. The 350 words are broken down into smaller decks so you know which level of words you need to tackle next.

Secondly, they’re adaptive. That means you don’t just cycle through words and hope that rote memorization will do the trick. It won’t. The Magoosh SAT flashcards use an algorithm that employs the Spaced Repetition Technique (SRT) to help you focus on words you’re struggling with the most. As you master a word, you’ll see it less and less frequently until it becomes firmly stored in your memory.

magoosh sat-image-3-300x147

You can take them anywhere, so all that time on the bus or waiting in line can be turned into productive time. There’s not only a web-based platform, but also an iPhone app and Android app as well, all containing the entire 350 words and all linked so you can switch between platforms to learn whenever and wherever.

magoosh sat-img-1-169x300

But most importantly, they’re FREE! The entire set is completely available for free, no strings attached. According to Magoosh SAT team, acing the SAT shouldn’t be for only those with the deepest pockets.

Magoosh SAT_Flashcard_4-288x300

So what are you waiting for? Start learning vocabulary now!

Magoosh SAT Flashcards for iPhone
Magoosh SAT Flashcards for Android

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