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Magoosh GRE Review 2015: A detail review on Magoosh GRE

Magoosh GRE Review

This post is about a detailed review on Magoosh GRE with the latest features magoosh provide. We’ll discuss whether it’s worth spending your bucks on Magoosh or not. Many things have changed in Magoosh GRE from time to time. So this is updated review on new Magoosh GRE. So here it goes..

Magoosh is Online GRE Coaching Software. Its a US based education company. I’m already premium user of Magoosh.

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The access for Magoosh lasts  for 6 months. The access used to last 1 year during its initial phase) but I guess 6 months is more than enough to study for GRE. First of all if you want to try, you can try Magoosh for a week for Free. Yes the videos and questions will be limited but you can have a look at it. If you like, you can sign up for full course. There are 200+ videos on each and every topic for Quantitative, Verbal and AWA. There are 1300+ practice questions. For every practice question you answer there will be a Video explanation as well as Text explanation for the same. Even if you have personal doubts, you can always mail them. They reply in a day or two most probably and are really supportive. And the main plus point is that you can log in from anywhere anytime on any PC as well as from their Android App.  :)

Magoosh GRE

Magoosh GRE Prep Options:

Magoosh comes with 3  subscription options:

1. The 7 Day Free Trial – Try Magoosh for free for 7 days.  It comes with 20 odd questions and video lessons and is really cool to have an idea of the interface and the quality of the content. Once you’ve subscribed for the free version, you will discover that Premium is the way to go! :)

2. 1 Month Premium Subscription – Includes all of the Premium Magoosh Features with 1 month premium access

3. 6 Month comprehensive Premium Subscrition – Includes all features and is available for 6 months.

Topics Covered on the Magoosh GRE:

Magoosh GRE list

Overview of the GRE (10 Videos)

  1. Arithmetic and Fractions (16 Videos)
  2. Percents and Ratios (9 Videos)
  3. Powers and Roots (16 Videos)
  4. Algebra, Equations and Inequalities (24 Videos)
  5. Coordinate Geometry (10 Videos)
  6. Word Problems (24 Videos)
  7. Geometry (18 Videos)
  8. Integer Properties (15 Videos)
  9. Statistics (9 Videos)
  10. Counting (12 Videos)
  11. Probability (17 Videos)
  12. Data Interpretation (5 Videos)
  13. Quantitative Comparison (7 Videos)
  1. Text Completion (31 Videos)
  2. Sentence Equivalence (6 Videos)
  3. Reading Comprehension (11 Videos)
  4. Paragraph Argument (10 Videos)
  5. Vocabulary (11 Videos)
Analytical Writing
  1. AWA Basics (4 Videos)
  2. Issue Task (2 Videos)
  3. Argument Task (4 Videos)

Magoosh GRE Features:

Practice Questions:

Magoosh provides hell lots of practice questions. They are 1300+ practice questions for now and they add new questions every month.

  1. Quantitative – 550+ Practice Questions
  2. Verbal – 750+  Practice Questions

Practice is fully customized. You can practice as per your needs. You can practice on specific topics as well as whole section. They provide “Adaptive” approach like real GRE.  If you want specific practice then they have different options available such as Very Hard, Hard, Medium and Easy.

Flag Feature:

They even provide us with “Flag” feature for any specific question. That means if you answer a question and you really don’t understand and want to practice that afterwards you can “Flag” them and later you can just answer Flagged questions as per your needs. :)


After every lessons, they take 5 questions Quiz to brush up our concepts. That’s one of the awesome feature of Magoosh. You can practice on real GRE type questions after learning the theory.

Vocabulary Builder & Flashcards:

Magoosh has special section dedicated to build your vocabulary. There are different sections as per the difficulty of the words. It has about 1000 GRE common words. They explain each and every word with the proper meaning and an example on how to use it in sentence (this helps in Sentence Equivalence in Verbal section of the GRE).

Full Length Practice Tests:

They also provide 4 Full length practice tests. And there is AWA section as well in the practice test but they do not evaluate your essays. You can however practice AWA writing as per the time limits and can get evaluated through other free online services.


Individual sections(Verbal or Quantitative) costs 79$. The Premium plan includes Verbal and Quantitative which costs mere 99$.(If you buy from this link). Even there’s 30 day plan if you can’t afford 99$. But hey you can definitely afford Rs. 6K if you would be spending 20-25 lakhs on your Master’s!

Magoosh GRE

Pros and Cons of Magoosh GRE Prep


1. Free Trial : The Self Prep software comes with Free trial which allows the students to get an idea of the interface before actually buying it.

2. Online and 24/7 cloud availability: Magoosh is 100% online and you don’t need any book or DVD for preparation. The interface and the apps make it really convinient to use Magoosh on PC, Laptop, tablet or smartphone.

3. Schedules: Just like the Famous Study Schedules on HEB, Magoosh also has their own study schedules.

4. Score guarantee: Magoosh GRE Prep comes with a +5 score improvement guarantee, improve your score or get all your money back!


1. Free Tests: Magoosh GRE Currently offers only 4 practice tests, but these are still good.

2. No class room or Live tutoring- Although they cover this up with their live support.


Final Review: 

Magoosh GRE has special Blog which is really helpful in every way. They provides tips for Vocabulary, Quantitative, Verbal and more. Well at last I would like to conclude that Magoosh GRE is really worth buying and its value for money.  They clear each and every concepts very well. If you aren’t satisfied with Magoosh, they provide 7 – Day Money guarantee. I would strongly recommend all to buy Magoosh who really want to score good in GRE.  :)


Everything seems really good with the Magoosh GRE App. 9.5/10 for Magoosh. The 0.5 I deducted is for the AWA as they don’t evaluate AWA section. I’ve bought the premium plan and I’m really happy with Magoosh. Instead of spending Rs. 20-25K in coaching classes its really worth spending Rs. 6K for Magoosh.

How to Purchase Magoosh (with Discount)

You may get discount as per availability if you follow any of the below 2 links. Enjoy :)

1. Follow this link :

2. Click on the image on the top of the right sidebar/image below menu bar.

Have any questions regarding Magoosh? Comment below and I will be happy to answer.

12 thoughts on “Magoosh GRE Review 2015: A detail review on Magoosh GRE

  1. plz hwo much time can i start with magoosh gre
    and hwo much time it will take to finish as i have one month for my exam

    1. 30 days are enough. Make sure you buy your subscription from the magoosh link on the Banner at the top! All the best :)

    2. I took subscription for a month, premium version, i would strongly recommend magoosh. With good dedication you can easily complete it in a month and it is very helpful. Go for it. :)

  2. Sir,
    . I have my GRE in 50 days& i was using Princeton review for my prep.i feel that its ridiculously easy when compared with ETS’s material. So i am planning to buy magoosh premium. Can i stuff in the 90 days study plan in 45 days? Or should i go with 30 day plan?
    Ps: I am good at Quants but verbal is a daunting task for me & i am scoring in the range of 305-315 in Princeton review’s practice tests.

  3. I will be taking the GRE for the first time and wondering which program I should do, would 30-day be enough?

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