Magoosh GRE : Prep on the go from I-phone/I-Pad/Android Application

Magoosh GRE

Magoosh GRE is Online GRE Coaching Software. Its a US based education start-up. I’m already premium user of Magoosh. I bought it 9 months ago. Previously the access lasted for 12 months. Though now the access lasts for 6 months only but 6 months are more than enough to prepare for GRE. I use an Android phone and the Magoosh GRE Application is simply great. Once I was out and was bored, I just opened the Application and started watching Vocabulary lessons from it, as I’m bad at Vocabulary and ultimately I got to learn around 10 new words in those 15 mins. :)

Magoosh GRE Prep I-phone / I-Pad / Android Application

Overview of the Application :

It can be downloaded for FREE on both Android and I-OS platform. If you already have a Magoosh Premium account, you can log in and access all of the video lessons by clicking “Sign In” and entering your Magoosh credentials. Even if you aren’t a Premium user of the Magoosh, you can continue without an account and can watch sample videos. But to get the full access, you’ll need to purchase Magoosh GRE Premium Account.!

Videos Included in the Application are:

Overview of the GRE (10 Videos)


  1. Arithmetic and Fractions (11 Videos)
  2. Percents and Ratios (8 Videos)
  3. Powers and Roots (14 Videos)
  4. Algebra, Equations and Inequalities (26 Videos)
  5. Coordinate Geometry (9 Videos)
  6. Word Problems (21 Videos)
  7. Geometry (15 Videos)
  8. Integer Properties (14 Videos)
  9. Statistics (5 Videos)
  10. Counting (11 Videos)
  11. Probability (12 Videos)
  12. Data Interpretation (4 Videos)
  13. Quantitative Comparison (7 Videos)


  1. Text Completion (31 Videos)
  2. Sentence Equivalence (6 Videos)
  3. Reading Comprehension (11 Videos)
  4. Paragraph Argument (11 Videos)
  5. Vocabulary (10 Videos)
Analytical Writing
  1. AWA Basics (4 Videos)
  2. Issue Task (2 Videos)
  3. Argument Task (4 Videos)

I would recommend to buy the Premium account of Magoosh GRE and help yourself with good score.! Well the videos will take some time if you’re using 2G network. It will be fine with the 3G network / Wi-fi.

Here are some screenshot of Android Application


magoosh gre        magoosh gre


Here are some screenshot of I-Phone/I-Pad Application


magoosh gre       magoosh gre


You can buy Magoosh GRE Premium account from this link with discount(ends soon) :)

You can download the Android Application from this link or I-Phone/I-Pad Application from this link

Check out the whole Magoosh GRE Review here.

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