IT4BI – The Program Structure and Mobility Scheme

Yesterday, I introduced you guys to this awesome program and its overview. For those of you who had a look, I know you guys must be excited to hear more! For those who didn’t get a chance yet, you can read it here.  In today’s Post, I am going to talk more about the IT4BI program Structure and its Mobility Scheme.

As mentioned previously, the Program itself is awesome as it combines the internationalization of education with world class infrastructure in 4 of the Top universities across Europe. The First two semesters in IT4BI are common for the whole batch. Once you are admitted, you can choose your port of entry to Europe, the recommended of course is Brussels,  Belgium,  where you would be spending your First Semester at the ULB. The second semester which also covers fundamentals will be at Université François Rabelais Tours (UFRT) in France. These two are the fixed destinations in the Program Structure.

During your application, you will be asked to fill up a form which has varieties of questions, one of which is also related to you areas of interest and intended field of specialization if you’re admitted to IT4BI program. The IT4BI program structure has three mobility schemes, each of which focusses on a specialized branch in Big Data/Business Intelligence. These are :


Each of these areas of specialization is in high demand and the Univeristy focusses on professional education which will enable you to acquire skills that are highly sought after in the Market!

There is also a european summer school where the students present their thesis and projects. Many of these projects are sponsored by the Industry and there are a lot of offers for each group of students to choose their topic which might also result in a potential employment opportunity for the 4th Semester Project.

You can read in detail about the Mobility Scheme here and about the course content of the program here.

In my next post, I will guide you with the application process and the prerequisites for the IT4BI program. Till then, keep reading, sharing and Subscribe :)

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