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IT4BI Program – One of the Best Programs for Big Data and Business Intelligence

I’ve been wanting to write this article for a long time now! About a year and a half back, I had decided to Pursue a scholarship program myself, one which would allow me to get high quality education, good job prospects and to top it all, it should be pocket friendly!

I was doing my research and I remembered, in my college days, I had come across a program called “Erasmus Mundus” run by the European Union. The Project involves a lot of sub-projects each one of which has a pool of Funding under which Masters and Doctorate level programs are run in the European universities. Most of these programs also have a limited number of Fullly funded scholarships as well as several partial funding scholarship options. Most of the fields of study under these are related to Science, Technology, Engineering or Math.

One such good program is the Masters program in IT4BI (Information Technology for Business Intelligence). The IT4BI program is a multi-university program of 24 months duration and has options for students to study in Belgium, France, Spain and Germany! Isn’t that just awesome? :D

The best part about this program is that every year, the pre-admission season has a special window for Scholarship applicants! Yes, you heard it right! You get to fulfil your EuroTrip dream and get to do it for Free! Seriously, Jokes apart, the program awards a very very limited number of applicants the financial assistance so that they can study for 2 full years without any tuition and also offers a stipend of about 1000 Euros per month.

The content and program structure of the IT4BI program is awesome, the program begins in Belgium with the first semester being all the basic subjects of Business intelligence and Big data. Then depending on your career interests and your progress, you can get tagged to one of the three specialization streams, which you will puruse in the 2nd year of your study. These options may take you in one of the following universities:

1. Universitat de Politecnica, Catalunya, Barcelona (Spain)

2. École Centrale Paris, Châtenay-Malabry, France

3. TU Berlin, Germany

Each one of these world class unviersities has a special track designed for the students of IT4BI.


As promised in my last article on Data Science, I am covering this program as a part of the series of articles on Big data, Data Science and Business intelligence and I felt no other better way to start that to introduce you guys to this Awesome program with Scholarships!

I will cover more in-depth info about the program, its application cycle and my personal experience of the application process (And getting a reject :( ) in the next post! Till then you can explore the program content on its main website, IT4BI Program!


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