IELTS Preparation books and study tips

A lot of friends on the FB page of HigherEdublog have been asking me regarding the preparation material for IELTS. So I decided to come up with a brief blog post regarding the same. I had prepared for IELTS for about 8-10 days. I knew I had less time with the college going on, so I hardly got 2 hours per day for IELTS preparation. A word of advice, If you have less time go for the premium material like IELTS target band 7 and the Cambridge official study books.

For getting help on the speaking topics, I started with a book called Ultimate IELTS preparation, which gave me a brief introduction regarding the speaking modules and also highlighted the common mistakes. The book proved very useful as I was able to avoid those mistakes in my actual IELTS interview. Later on in my preparation, I realized that I needed practice to boost my confidence. Luckily I had an experienced friend to practice with me and his command over english was simply awesome. I recommend you find such a study partner too. If not take a look at this link.

Lastly for Writing, I had a book from one of the other local authors in Ahmedabad. But I found it boring and unambitious, high school level essays to say the least. But If you are interested to buy a separate book for writing and reading, one of the preparatory books that  teaches good strategies for IELTS writing and reading is the common mistakes book.

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