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How to short list U.S. University – Part 1

When you get calls from more than a single U.S. university, it becomes a bit difficult to choose a university to get in. Avoiding the factors such as location and place as for now, we will concentrate on the fact that each and every school is entirely different and exclusive in the aspects of rank/profile/location.


Choosing a U.S. university to get enrolled

I would like to share the experience of one of my friends. It went too difficult for him to choose among the 4 admits. He had applied to get enrolled for 4 schools. When he got admit from one U.S. University, he started inquiring the students in US about the place as well as cost of living, tuition fee waiver/ apartments / RA/ TA / part time jobs and much more.

Meanwhile, he got a call from one more U.S. university. Now he had to choose from those two universities and then inquiring about that place too, his contacts increased a lot. He then received calls from two more universities to which he had applied and it became tougher for him to choose the one U.S. University among them. Then what he did was something really simple yet very effective. He generated a list of information he gathered from various people and then decided to attend a university located in Texas. I will share his experience over there in Texas in next post.


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