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How to search for US Universities

Every now and then students ask us in our Facebook group and Facebook Page that please suggest some US universities as per the profile and GRE/TOEFL score. We can’t give suggestions to everybody about the universities they need to target as per their major and specialization. That’s why we came up with an idea. This post will help you all on how to select US Universities, and how to come up with an initial sorted list of the same according to your profile, GRE/TOEFL scores, academics etc.

How to search for US Universities

Step 1: How to start?

Firstly, one needs to have that passion to pursue MS for the sake of education, to gain something and not just for going there to earn money and enjoy the so called American Life. Well ask your college seniors studying in US, Professors who have graduated from US Universities, friends, read newspapers and magazines, online blogs and try to get some idea about US Universities.

Step 2: Search the web about US Universities

Well the students who are lazy don’t take the pain and never search on their own and just trust the Counselors (so called Con-sellers) which just lures them into not so good US universities and are just their to eat your money. Please don’t trust them blindly. There are many websites, etc. Just Google it and you will get hell lot of resources available but trust the reliable ones only.

Step 3: Choose your Specialization

Choose your specialization according to your major and search for the US universities accordingly. It isn’t necessarily that a University X is good in Y field then it will be good in Z field as well. So choose the universities as per your specialization and do not just trust the rankings blindly.

Step 4: Check the rankings & accreditation of the US Universities

Rankings of the universities does matter but as i said it is not always that a university is good in all the fields so one needs to check the rankings of the specific fields too (unless you are aiming the Top 15-20 schools ;) ). You can check , Princeton Review for rankings. And do check the accreditation of the US universities. There were scams done by some US universities in past and the students who were studying in that were deported back to India. ( Yes you read it right..!! )

Step 5: Refer different US Universities websites

This is the most crucial one. Students just blindly apply without checking the universities websites. One must refer the specific universities websites to check about there deadlines, minimum GRE/TOEFL score needed, Application fee for International Students, pre-requisites for your program and other useful information such as the research going on in your specific area of interest, professors, research labs etc which may help you in future.

Step 6: Check Living Expenses, Tuition Fees, I-20 Amount

Ask your college seniors, Refer for checking the I-20 amount of different US Universities and check the tuition fees and Living expenses in the I-20. Do not worry if the Living Expenses is high as the calculation done in the I-20 is sometimes way higher than an average student may spend. You can even check the tuition fees for a year at

Step 7: How to sort list US Universities

Say you selected 15 schools and now you need to sort list them. Ideally every one applies to around 8-10 universities. To be more precise say 2-3 Ambitious, 4 Moderate and 2-3 Safe universities. So decide 8-10 universities considering the factors such as Specialization, On Campus / Part Time jobs, Tuition Fees, Cost Of Living, RA, TA, Scholarship, Thesis/Non-Thesis, Climate, Quality Of Education, International Student Population, Visa Rating and most importantly Internships/ Co-op/ Post MS Job Opportunities.

Follow these 7 steps to search for US Universities and do your homework properly then you will be good and no need of any con-sellers. :)

So I guess, you will now be able to search US Universities according to your profile and how to sort list them.

Well it’s always quiet on my blogs; why not leave a comment or suggestion below? Keep Pinging ;)

15 thoughts on “How to search for US Universities

  1. Thank you so much! :) I have a question. Does applying in Fall have lesser chances of getting admissions than Spring? I have finished my B.E from a college in Bangalore. My GRE score is 313. I have 60% aggregate. My LORs are quite good and I am yet to start with my SOP. Should I go for Fall or the Spring intake?

  2. Thanks a lot! very useful post. one q – i just graduated last month and planning to write my gre in July-if i apply for fall 2014 i will have 9-10 months free time in between, what are the useful things i could do in this time to boost my chances of getting into a good school?

  3. i came to know that we can choose 4 universities for free on the day of gre exam.
    I have my exam on sept 5th.can u suggest me few universities for Computerscience in US
    my profile
    10th : 84%
    12th : 96%
    btech : 68%
    gre expected : 310
    please suggest me

  4. Hi Chirag
    First of all, Thanks a ton bro for such a wonderful and consolidate info for asppirants like me.
    Secondly, I am in dileama about 4 university selection bro and will appreciate any comments and inputs from you seeing your vast counselling skill :)

    Please see my profile and suggest me 4 universities for MS in CS:
    10th : 74%
    12th : 77%
    btech : 74%
    writing on : 10 Sept 2013
    gre expected : 310-320
    work exp: 25 months
    planning for: Fall 2014

    Please reply asap.

  5. Hi Chirag,

    Can you please suggest some universities based on my profile for MS in Computer Science:
    Btech: 8.34/10(CS NIT Rourkela)
    GRE: Yet to give ..Expecting 315+
    TOEFL: Yet to give Expecting 100+
    Work Ex: 2 Years in Oracle as of now. Internship in HP and few projects too. Not much of research work.

    Also Can you tell what are the chances of getting Scholarships or any suggestions on how to get the scholarships will be very helpful.

    Thanks in advance,

  6. 10th : 91.33%
    12th : 91.80%
    B.E.(Hons.) ECE : 7.03 CGPA at the end of 3rd year 2nd semester
    College : Birla Institute of Technology & Science, PILANI (Hyderabad Campus)

    Question(s) :
    1) Confused with my major – Embedded Systems/VLSI/…any other.
    2) All are suggesting Arizona State University.Is it any good for the above majors?
    3)Does Project work/Internships at XXX Hyd add value to my profile??
    Pls do respond.

    PS: I have definitely decided to pursue MS.

  7. Nice post, i just want to know while i applied for fall-14 and i have around 8-9 months, if i go for job how can i mention it in my resume as i already applied to univ in this month so how this work exprnce can boost my chance of getting admissions ?

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