Travel Tips: How to pack suitcases?


Hello everyone, I am back with one more post. This post is regarding the dos and don’ts to be kept in mind while packing suitcases for the air travel. The following steps which are designed by considering the guidelines of Transport Security Administration (TSA) will help you to pack your stuffs in the best possible way.

Steps to Pack Suitcases

Step 1:

Roll your clothes and arrange them along the length of a suitcases in rows. The content inside your suitcases can be inspected quickly and easily if the clothes are arranged in rows. Using this technique will maximize space too.

Step 2:

The liquids, aerosols and gels exceeding a total volume of about 100 ml (3.4 oz) must be packed in your checked luggage. This may include perfume, toothpaste and bottles of lotion. Medications, breast milk and baby formula along with the liquids, aerosols and gels with a overall volume of 100 ml (or less) can be stored in a clear, polythene bag and carried on during the time of  boarding a plane.

Note: All the liquids that you carry in your suitcases must be mentioned and inspected.

Step 3:

At times TSA officials may check your footwear, so it is wise to put them on the top of your suitcases while packing in order to make the inspection easier.

Step 4:

The heavy items such as books must not be arranged in piles at a particular location. Spread such heavy stuffs in your suitcases in order to evenly distribute the weight.

Step 5:

The prohibited items (if any) including sharp objects, sports equipment’s and other tools must be packed in checked luggage. The TSA restricts scissors, box cutters and knives (excluding butter or plastic knives) from carry-on luggage.

All the above rules do apply for domestic as well as international flights. Along with these rules, the baggage weight limits set by the airlines must be considered. Hope that you are clear with this. Have a nice day…….

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