How to fill up the ds 160 form for F1 Visa

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The ds 160 form is the prime document form that an applicant is supporsed to fill in order to file for the us visa application. The ds 160 form is a form that will contain all the details about you, your visa type, some background info about you etc.

Here are some tips and instructions from HEB to help you with filling the ds 160 form for your US Visa. Before you rush to fill the form, lets have a look at the things you will need while filling the form. Remember! It is always recommended that you file your ds 160 form by yourself.

Stuff to keep handy while filling ds 160 form:


1. Your I-20 from the University

2. Your SEVIS Fee Receipt

3. Your passport

4. DOB of your parents.

5. All the details of your previous visits to the states, if any

6. Personal details of your immediate relatives in the US, if any. These include parents, siblings, grandparents and spouse.

7. Details of two trustworthy persons or your friends who can vouch for your verification.


After ensuring that you have all the above stuff ready with you, you can proceed to fill up the ds 160 form.


Filling the form


0. Download this PDF

Primary Link :

Mirror 1       :



1. To start filling the form, start from this website Using Mozilla Firefox is recommended.

2. Select the embassy of your choice. While one is allowed to choose any US embassy, it is recommended that you choose from the ones nearest to you to avoid any suspicion during the interview.


3. Upload your photo, and it will check for correct photo. From my personal experience, the form will accept any photo and tell it is correct! So don’t rely on the form and keep your photo to the specs as given elsewhere. (You can skip uploading photo now and do at the end too)


4.  If you did upload one, click on ‘Continue with photo’ else select the ‘Start a new application’.


5. Select a security question of your choice, and  note down the answer somewhere safe. It would be important to remember this so that you can retrieve your application later in case you forget the details.


6. The form will Generate now. On top right corner of the ds 160 form, there is an application ID, which will read something like ‘AA00035ZF3′ . Note this one down as well, because it is required to retrieve your form.


7. Now proceed to fill your ds 160 form as mentioned in the above guide. After completing the columns at each page, don’t forget to  SAVE YOUR APPLICATION. Trust me, it would be a very tedious task to do this all over again.

8. After all the things are filled up in your ds 160, the server will ask you to sign it digitally which means nothing but to provide some unique identification, usually your passport details.


9. Take a printout of your filled form. Use a good quality Laser printer. You can also save your filled ds 160 form pdf and print it later.

Hurrah! Your ds 160 form is done!

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