HigherEduBlog Launches mock IELTS Speaking assessment.

Hey guys, we at HEB are here to help you out with your IELTS preparation. Many of you are facing the difficulty in the speaking section of IELTS. What we believe is that practice makes a man perfect. The speaking section requires a lot of practice and here we are presenting expert help for you guys to fine tune your IETLS preparations.

51921229Are you thinking of joining that coaching class which your classmate joined last monday for IELTS ? Wait! you do not need to waste 10 to 15 thousand bucks just for a proficiency test preparation. That’s right, IELTS and TOEFL are English proficiency tests and not english aptitude tests. So choose wisely. At coaching classes, you will end up mostly wasting your precious time as they will tell you to speak, speak and speak daily without any actual parameters for guidance. Besides it’s not a group discussion test and so the ambiance of the coaching institute will not help you in the actual IELTS interview.

What can we offer here at HigherEduBlog ?

  • One-to-one personal mock interview with actual IELTS experience.
  • Actual IELTS parameter based assessment of your performance.
  • discussion of your queries.
  • After evaluation , two final mock interviews
  • A detailed performance report to help you score well on IELTS speaking.

Ielts speaking

For the whole process of 3 real IELTS scenario interviews , an initial assessment and final report, HEB will charge you a nominal fee of INR Rs.250 only, we also accept international payments.

For more details,  email with the subject : IELTS speaking

or message us at the HEB facebook page

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