High Frequency GRE Words

HigherEduBlog High Frequency GRE Words – 4

Here’s the fourth list of High Frequency GRE Words from HigherEduBlog Team. If you haven’t checked High Frequency GRE Words -1  , High Frequency GRE Words – 2 & High Frequency GRE Words -3 , then check it out. Many more lists of High Frequency GRE words to come.

High Frequency GRE Words

1. Cant: an empty speech
Sentence: His words sounded eloquent,but at heart they were empty cant

2. Malevolence: evil disposition
Sentence: He witnessed the brutal malevolence.

3. Cupidity: greed, rapacity
Sentence: He was humble but had no cupidity in his heart

4. Affront :a public insult ,pillories
Sentence: I considered his remarks as affront.

5. Tribulation: condition of  distress, annoying
Sentence: In this time of our tribulation you have shown compassion, which is the mark of a good neighbour.

6. Stupefaction: a stunned and overwhelmed state
Sentence: The shock left him in the state of Stupefaction.

7. Mayhem: violent disturbance
Sentence: The author , who is abroad, probably hasn’t seen the mayhem committed by Hollywood on his book.

8. Perdition: hell
Sentence: All can say that the boy is going on the way to perdition.

9. Squalor: the filth of shiftless poverty, misery and neglected dirt
Sentence: The people who come out of our squalor would never return to it.

10. Turbulence: violent disturbance, mayhem
Sentence: She captures in her writing the fever of turbulence of men’s emotions.

11. Penury: extreme poverty
Sentence: The people in the slums are facing penury.

12. Presentiment: feeling of evil to come
Sentence: They had faint, far-off presentiment of impending disaster.

13. Extremity: desperate distress or need
Sentence: It was in the days when England was in the need of dire Extremity.

14. Throes: agony, violent pangs of suffering
Sentence: Our nation is in throes of war

15. Holocaust: huge destruction because of fire
Sentence: Once the fire started the high wind turned it into a holocaust

16. Carnage: mass killing
Sentence: The general realized that no military purpose could justify further carnage

17. Depredations: plunder, ravage, ravish
After the revolution depredation went unchecked

18. Usurpation: arrogation
Sentence:  There are those who claim that there has been usurpation of the power of the states

19. Travesty: A poor representation of something
Sentence: The court’s decision was travesty on justice

20. Canard : rumour
Sentence: A canard was circulated in the city

21. Fiasco: A thing that is complete failure
Sentence: The was tragic Fiasco

22. Anathema: a curse
Sentence: Bargaining is considered to be pure anathema for business men.

23. Truculence: aggressiveness
Sentence: He had an offensive truculence of manner

24. Nemesis: revenge, retribution
Sentence: U wish to success bit laziness may become your nemesis

25. Miscreant: malefactor
Sentence: A miscreant is the one who has deserts on his religion

26. Panderer: the person who fulfils the mean desires of people for his own advantage
Sentence: The politicians are always proved to be panderer

27. Libertine: talking excessive liberty
Sentence: The libertine indulges his own carnal appetites

28. Apostate: The person who betrays his religion, renegade
Sentence: They ranked him Apostate for Democratic party.

29. Charlatan: the person who pretends to have knowledge, Mount back
Sentence: The Charlatan made fortune out of fake.

30. Plethora: Abundance, Ruck
Sentence: There is plethora of wheat in the country

31. Retribution: punishment for a crime
Sentence: When you do an undeserved activity to someone, you invite retribution.

32. Asperity: Acrimony, bitterness/sharpness of speech
Sentence: his voice was rising and there was a touch of asperity in it.

33. Attrition: growth by addition
Sentence: our constant sinking of their submarines led to progressive attrition of their naval power.

34. Occult: Supernatural power/events
Sentence: She was Ghostly and a mere occult

35. Pittance: A small amount of money
Sentence: When a person receives a pittance for his work he is poorly paid.

36. Intricacies: Complexities
Sentence: His life is full of Intricacies

37. Effulgence: Brightness
Sentence: The stars were full of Effulgence

38. Defection: failure of work, malefaction
Sentence: Defection of political party leads to many problems

39. Pandemonium: A complete disorder
Sentence: His name was proposed at the convection and the place was immediately a pandemonium

40. Colossus: huge, leviathan, gargantuan, mammoth
Sentence:  Russia is a new colossus that bestrides the continent of Europe

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