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HigherEduBlog High Frequency GRE Words – 3

Here’s the third list of High Frequency GRE Words from HigherEduBlog Team. If you haven’t checked High Frequency GRE Words -1  & High Frequency GRE Words – 2 , then check it out. Many more lists of High Frequency GRE words to come.

High Frequency GRE Words

1. Banality: dullness
Sentence: His expression of greatness was not just a mere banality

2. Immolation: sacrifice for sacred reasons
Sentence: When republics encounter setbacks those in power are marked by immolation

3. Animus: active dislike, hatred
Sentence:  His feeling was not a dislike; there was a deep violent animus in his heart.

4. Bastion: fortification , fertility
Sentence:  They are stroming the bastions of democracy.

5. Leviathan: something that is huge
Sentence: His eyes got struck to the huge manuscript and it seemed impossible that a publisher can be found to publish this levithan

6. Welter: a confused mass, Turmoil(state of confusion)
Sentence: Deeply involved in the welter of casual news about welfare, the morale of struggling people was not understood.

7. Magnitude: greatness of something
Sentence: It should be possible to increase the current finance without increasing the magnitude of treasury deficits.

8. Demolition: destroy
Sentence: Entire population will be menanced by the demolition.

9. Infinitude: infinite, endless
Sentence: On the day like this one has the feeling of being able to see into infinitude.
10. Efficacy: effectiveness
Sentence: There is an  efficacy to solve the problem

11. Catharsis: purification
Sentence: There is great catharsis in lovers and worshipers.

12. Frankenstein: the creation that harms its creator
Sentence: They soon found themselves powerless to control the frankenstein monster thus called into being.

13. Limbo:  a place between heaven and hell, confinement, state of uncertainty
Sentence: I have faith that the war will be relegated to the limbo of things forgotten.

14. Zealots: full of enthusiasm
Sentence: The draft bill was passed against antiprepared zealots

15. Dudgeon: offensive
Sentence: He was in high dudgeon over injustice.

16. Dispatch: speed
Sentence: In emergency we must act with great dispatch

17. Audacious: temerity
Sentence: He met the emergency with audacity and that put his life in danger.

18. Duress: compulsion, threat
Sentence: They worked on the durness of higher authorities.

19. Exigent: requiring urgent attention
Sentence: We decided not to remain longer than military exigency required.

20. Rancour: ill-will
Sentence: their minds and hearts are filled with rancour.

21. Impetus: actuate ,momentum, encouragement
Sentence:He gave a great impetus to the cause

22. Stringent: very strict
Sentence: stringency of rules killed the initiatives of the pupil.

23. Assiduous: hardworking and form
Sentence: I know with what assiduity the propoganda factories turn out the fictitious stories.

24. Turpitude: moral decline, debauchery
Sentence: His turpitude was in him unllike others.

25. Duplicity: deceitfulness, double-faced
Sentence: He would say on e thing on my face and another thing on others face.His duplicity had no bounds.

26. Dereliction: neglecting ones duty and responsibilities
Sentence: The mayor took so many vactions that he was questined for his derelictions.

27. Opprobrium: shame/infamy
Sentence: Some nations have contemptously criticised for their ruthless ambitions towards empire,but America has never been subjected to that oppobrium.

28. Contumely: humiliating treatment
Sentence: they reaped contumely on jewsand negros.

29. Scurrilities: rough and abusive language
Sentence: I am bored with Scurrilities of modern age

30. Calumny: malicious accusations
Sentence: It was a lie as black,a calumny as foul as ever issued from the troat of the men

31. Blasphemy: insult of something religious
Sentence: He is relegious zealot who regards every differing faith as blasphemy.

32. Rapacity : greed with violence
Sentence: The rapacity of usurer id punished by law.

33. Quietus :state of retirement, inactivity, disheartened
Sentence: The Boss put a quietus on employess amitious plan

34. Acrimony: sharpness of speech, resentful
Sentence: He began to resent the acrimony of her tounge

35. Impasse: deadlock
Sentence:  The party to the treaty had reached an impasse and a solution to the dilemma seemed hopeless.

36. Monstrosity: distortion of appearance
Sentence: I thought that particular piece of hideous furmiture she had was a monstrosity.

37. Bathos: excessive sentimentality
Sentence:The play began with ahigh romance but ended on a note of maudlin bathos.

38. Ruck: abundance
Sentence: Ambitious people struggle to get out of the ruck of mankind.

39. Enormity: greatness, seriousness
Sentence: Not untill the crime had been actually commited did I realize the enormity of it.

40. Stoic: indifferent to pain and emotions
Sentence: He was as impassive as stoic when he met his end.

You can even refer to more High Frequency GRE words such as Barron’s , Kaplan’s, Princeton’s etc. But most of the lists of High Frequency GRE Words will be same.
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