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HigherEduBlog High Frequency GRE Words – 1

Almost every GRE test taker is having problem with the GRE words. We recently got many mails regarding the High Frequency GRE words as many of the students can’t mug up those 4000 words. The readers insisted us to suggest them the High Frequency GRE words and rightly so we decided to help all the GRE test takers with the High Frequency GRE words. So here’s the 1st list of High Frequency GRE Words from HigherEduBlog Team. Many more lists of High Frequency GRE words to come.

High Frequency GRE Words

1. Derision: To insult someone by making fun, laugh out loudly at someone.
Sentence: There was a look of derision on the face of the head waiter.

2. Harridan: short tempered scolding women
Synonyms: Virago, termagant
Sentence: That old harridan aunt of yours has been talking melodrama.

3. Debauchery: excessive indulgence in physical activities, immoral activities
Sentence: why do you yourselves bray before them in their dance of debauchery?

4. Intransigent:  Unwillingness to compromise
Synonyms : contumacy, stubborn, adamant.
Sentence: Intransigence and rebellion are characteristics of those people.

5. Invective: A speech full of Abusive words, To attack with words
Sentence: Victor Hugo excoriated Napoleon with magnificent invective.

6. Austerity: Severe Simplicity, Sternness
Sentence: We can Smile now at the austerity of scotch Calvinists.

7. Voracity: to eat excessively , Greedy
Sentence: Our tax bill is sufficient to meet the voracity of an extravagant administration.

8. Wastrel: A person who spends too much, a spendthrift
Sentence: Generally children of rich personalities are Wastrel.

9. Ingrate : ungreatfull person
Sentence: Aaron Burr was a traitor and an ingrate.

10. Abnegation: Sacrifice
Sentence: behind those ill guarded doors what triumphs, what abnegations, what partings pass and are forgotten.

11. Demagogues: to lead people ( used to create negative sense)
Sentence: when demagogues set out systematically to ruin corporations everything gets hurt.

12. Rapine: taking away someone’s property by violence, Ravish
Sentence: until one was hardened to those tales of bloodshed and rapine one simply could not believe them

13. Helots : Slaves
Sentence: Helots were totally unaware about the plans going on in the company.

14. Exhortation: speech to encourage or motivate
Sentence: The Sermon on the mount is a breath-taking exhortation.

15. Temerity: Racklessness, to do something without proper thought.
Synonyms: audacity
Sentence: I had temerity to make this estimate a week ago

16. Animosity: strong dislike
Synonyms: Abhor, Abominate, loathe, detest
Sentence: Despite the signs of peace between two groups some animosity still existed.

17. Rodomontade: Boasting, Bragging
Sentence: He addressed himself to his guest with a torrent of rodomontade.

18. Saboteur: A person who destroys employers property
Sentence: we must destroy the insidious saboteurs of democracy.

19. Malignity: hate, to defame
Sentence: After the dispute between both of them their hearts filled will malignity.

20. Chagrin: A feeling of vexation(irritation) due to failure
Sentence:  I am filled with chagrin at my failure.

21. Travail: Suffering/pain.
Sentence: Your spirit can travail too, when you are suffering mentally.

22. Trepidation: Fear
Sentence: There was the trepidation of arrival of results.

23. Revulsion: A feeling of Disgust
Sentence: I was in revulsion by seeing the messy house.

24. Umbrage: Resentment, offence, displeasure
Sentence: The feeling of being overshadowed by another made me umbrage.

25. Recrimination: Counter Charge
Sentence:  often people become the part of recrimination while debate.

26. Frustration: Baffle, Counteract
Sentence: Continuous failure while solving the numerical made me frustrated.

27. Nostalgia: Desire to go to painful past
Sentence: He was long way from home and going alone in night he was filled with nostalgia.

28. Altercation: Argument/ dispute
Sentence: In spite his numerous attempts to solve the problems among them , the altercation still existed.

29. Chicanery: Deception, trick
Sentence: He gained his fortune by chicanery and fraud.

30. Avarice: Greed, cupidity
Sentence: he was rich beyond the dreams of avarice.

31. Bravado: display of courage
Sentence: IN spite of being bravado he was cowardly at heart.

32. Tenacity: Persistence, firmness
Sentence: Her tenacity was admirable.

33. Ascetic: A person who prefers comfortless life
Sentence: he wanted to live an ascetic life.

34. Opulence: wealth
Sentence: His opulence made him stand to a position where he can give donations easily.

35. Munificence: generosity
Sentence: he was noticed throughout the countryside for his munificence.

36. Compunction: regret, contrition, penitence
Sentence: his sin was slight but the compunction he felt was severe.

37. Surfeit: Excess
Sentence: after this surfeit of food and drink my appetite and thirst is gone.

38. Felicity: happiness
Sentence: they were enjoying the felicity of young love.

39. Adulation: flattery
Sentence: the adulation they gave to director was sickening.

40. Mendacity: untruthfulness
Sentence: The mendacity of man made it impossible for others to trust him.

41. Antipathy: dislike
Sentence: His antipathy towards his aunt was noticeable.

42. Bigotry: A stubborn, Intolerance  for a belief
Sentence: his bigotry towards religion was hard to tolerate.

You can even refer more High Frequency GRE words such as Barron’s , Kaplan’s, Princeton’s etc.

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