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HEB Query – University Transfer – Is transfering from one university to another university a tough task ?

This is a query that many MS aspirants have, so I decided to write a post about the same. Many people aspire to transfer to other universities for a number of reasons that can be better on-campus jobs, issues with funding or just an opportunity for the better university. So we will straightaway go through the conditions for the transfer in this post!

Will it be a problem if I want to get a University transfer?

Getting a University transfer though possible, is a tedious process to say the least. Your current university advisors will never suggest you to take a University transfer and try to persuade you to stay with your current university. Most of the students get their transfer only after studying their first semester with their current University. This is because of the strict visa procedures and usually the small window of time you have after landing in US to get a transfer before the classes begin.

Conditions for University Transfer before the commencement of First semester:

  • The candidate must have a valid admit before filling the transfer application. This also includes the I20 of the university he wishes to get the transfer.
  • The candidate should be already on US soil with a valid I94.
  • You must have an active and Legal Visa Status.
  • The University transfer is possible only if the accepting University is willing to accept the transfer application.
  • The semester must not have begun at any of the University (Problems with course registration)
  • All due fees should be cleared.


How does University transfer work ?

The Candidate’s information is stored in the US database of  SEVIS(Student and Exchange Visitor Program). The transfer initiates when your current university releases your Sevis record and the record is then transferred to candidate’s destination university in the database. The destination University’s International department needs to confirm the same and then you can be enrolled in your transferred University.


What is the procedure for University Transfer?

Usually, the candidate just has to contact their international admissions office and enquire about transfer procedure. You may be redirected to the respective department that handles transfers and SEVIS procedures. Please note that these are two different processes and IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE SEVIS TRANSFER TAKES PLACE PROPERLY. Apart from that, the transfer would take place with a couple of simple forms to be filled and submitted to the Destination University.

5 thoughts on “HEB Query – University Transfer – Is transfering from one university to another university a tough task ?

  1. Might want to explain how transfers happen after the first sem and what might be needed for the application. Need to know.

  2. hi sir

    i want to transfer from rivier university to virginia for this summer rivier can accept my transfer yes or not please give me answer as early as possible

  3. Hi sir,
    I got admit for USC (MS in CS)in spring’16 though I’ve submitted application for fall’15.And right now I’m going to Nyu poly for this fall.Can I take transfer to USC after the first term completes at Nyu poly?
    Thank you

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