GRE or GMAT for MBA : Solving the dilemma

Now that plenty of famous B-schools abroad are accepting GRE scores, it has become a dilemma for many MS in US aspirants as to GRE or GMAT,which exam should they take for their MBA. Some students feel it is easy to crack GRE than GMAT, while on the other side, some veterans who have had some experiences in their college years know that GMAT is far easier if you can think critically. It all depends on your personal strengths and weaknesses as to which exam will prove to be easier for you to crack.

GRE Math vs GMAT Quant :

When it comes to quants, both have a fairly difficult level and it is not a piece of cake to score high on any of these exams. But it isn’t impossible either. People are cracking GRE quant as well as GMAT quant and some of them are even able to do both. All one needs is to identify their strength and a systematic approach. You may be already familiar with the awesome GRE plan that chirag had put on the blog last year, which has proved to be successful for a lot of students.

While the math on GRE tests your math fundamentals with straight forward application of the concepts, the sentence structure may sometimes confuse you in the word problems. The questions that most of the students feel difficult to crack on the GRE are the ones wherein you need to apply  concepts from more than one chapter into a DI (data interpretation) question. But its not impossible to crack GRE math with some practice.

GMAT on the other hand involves a lot of factors to succeed on the quants. While the questions may not involve concepts from more than one chapter, the sentence structure is much complex than GRE and you need to have critical approach for cracking GMAT quant.

The good thing about GRE math is that the probability of one scoring a higher percentile in quant increases against GRE as more proportion of GMAT takers have strong quant background.

VERBAL : Its all about Vocab vs Grammar

While the new GRE pattern has changed its focus from pure Vocab to context based Vocab, it still lacks the judgement on the test taker’s grammar. So if you are comfortable with lexical art, GRE is the test you should look to crack.

GMAT on other hand doesn’t neglect Vocab, but it gives enough emphasis on grammar so that if you know your basics well, with some practice you can crack GMAT. Even the verbal section requires a lot of critical thinking. people with strong analytical skills but poor grasp of vocab should opt for GMAT.

The combined effect

The only way to find out whether you will be able to score more on the GRE or the GMAT, is to give a mock test. You can opt for the ETS provided Powerprep for GRE and the GMATprep test to measure your aptitude and feel what suits you the best.


In the end, one must keep in mind that choosing GRE over GMAT may prove to be futile if your dream business school does not accept GRE like the battle between IELTS and TOEFL. so hope that your school accepts GRE, give mock tests and then choose the one you feel is right for you.




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