GRE Test Day

GRE Test Day : What to Bring to the GRE

Test Takers often have a dilemma regarding things that can be brought to the test Center on the Test Day. I remember my own experience when I was nervous the day before with what should I get. Would they provide me Pencils? Will I need to bring stationery of my Own? Am I allowed to bring food and water? What to bring to the GRE? These were some of the questions from the top of my head and are very common with every test Taker. So what exactly do you need to bring to the ETS test Center for the GRE?

Things to Bring to the GRE Test Center:

1. A Valid Identification Document: The most important thing to be taken to the test center is your Photo-id. The test proctors will not allow you to sit for the exam without this. Make sure you mark this on the top of your checklist.

2. Authorization Vouchers : If you are re-appearing for some technical fault earlier, you might have received authorization vouchers on your previous test day. Make sure you bring them with you next time when you go for your Test.

3. The ETS GRE account Confirmation email recepit: You will receive a confirmation mail from ETS, regarding your exam appointment and test center details, Make sure you bring this to your test center on the test day.

4. Water and Snacks: While most test centers provide locker facility where you can store your personal items, A test center will not allow you to take food and beverages inside the actual test room. Access to the lockers during the 10 minute break may or may not be provided at your Proctoring center, hence if you bring the snacks, keep them in lockers.

Apart from these, it is advised not to bring anything else on the test day to the GRE test Center. Do not Carry any notebooks, study notes, paper sheets etc to the test center. You are not supposed to bring and PDAs, digital watches etc to the test center as these are not allowed in the testing room. If there are separate lockers outside and inside, you may be allowed to keep them in the outer lockers, if not, you will most likely be not allowed to use the locker facility during the 10 minute break.

For a complete list of Test day instructions from ETS, visit the Test day instructions page.


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